Top 4 Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Cultivation

Published : 10/15/2014 14:03:17
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There are many professional marijuana growers who cultivate the plant for commercial purposes, while there are few others who pursue cannabis cultivation as a hobby. Most cultivators who grow marijuana as a hobby prefer to do it indoors, especially due to the reason that they wouldn’t have access to the required outdoor space.  

Though most kinds of marijuana can be grown indoors, there are few specific strains that are recommended specifically for indoor cultivation. The strains for indoor cultivation are chosen based on several aspects like the potential height of the plant, its ability to thrive when grown in a confined room and its excellent vitality and potency under artificial light sources. If you are looking forward to cultivating marijuana indoors, here are the top 4 strains that can be considered for indoor cultivation.   


AK47 is one of the most ideal strains for indoor cannabis cultivation. Though it has a very hardcore name, it actually produces a stress-free and peaceful sleep. The high THC level is what helps in accomplishes a strong buzz. It is a medicinal plant, which is highly effective for relieving pain. The slight skunk smell and sweet taste of AK47 is what appeals to the smokers to a great extent. Since it grows to just about average height, it is perfect for growing indoors.  

Northern Lights 

Next on our list is the Northern Lights, which is apt for indoor cultivation since it is not the least fussy to grow this strain. Moreover, it provides great resistance to problems like over/under-fertilization, diseases, bad temperature spells, and over/under-watering. Growers looking forward to harvest a decent medical cannabis strain indoors can opt for this. For an indoor marijuana strain, this strain produces a really high yield with good quantity of buds.  

White Rhino 

Apart from being a great cannabis strain for indoor cultivation, White Rhino is also the top marijuana option to treat nausea. It smells of freshly plucked flowers with a lemon accent. This indica dominant strain is a cross between a powerful indica strain and White Widow, making it great for medicinal use like relieving stomach problems, pain and anxiety. This again produces a high bud volume from each harvest.  


AK48 strain is optimally cultivated indoors. It yields a vast quantity of buds for its short flowering period, which is sometimes as quickly as a mere 45 days. As implied by its name, the plant finishes before 48 days. This is an easy-to-grow plant for indoor cultivation and hence a good option to consider for beginners who are not experienced in cultivating weeds. Since the plant does not grow very large and does not occupy lots of growing room, it is perfect for indoor cultivation. This strain is good for appetite stimulation and helps those suffering from anxiety and stress.  

If indoor cultivation is what you are considering, these are great cannabis strains to grow. You can buy these indoor seed strains for the best price from

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