Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100 - 130
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Aurora Indica Feminized

Aurora Indica cannabis seeds, is a typical Indica dominant plant with all its popular aspects, high level THC as well as CBD will blow your mind. 

Aurora Indica Feminized Seeds are the hybrid seeds that are created from cross pollinating Northern Lights strains and Afghan strains, both are the pure plant breeds belonging to Indica genus. The plant structure grows only up to minimum height, but High Supplies offers best quality buds and resin in larger quantity. 

Almost all the seeds from the Indica strains sold at this company will be feminized so as to improve their cross breeding features and enhance the yield production. Indica is one of the potent strains of weeds and hence the fast flowering character of the seeds will never fail to provide wonderful result for the growers. 

There are many websites that offer best quality seeds. However, there are many scamming sites that mainly work on grabbing the attention of the buyers from all around the globe. If you are looking for the genuine seed banks, then you can contact High Supplies by just visiting their website to avail top notch seeds. 

The Aurora Indica feminized seeds that you buy from their reputed stores yield best quality buds within 7 to 9 weeks weighing about 450 to 500 Gms. These are quite sturdy in nature and cannot be easily harmed by any external influence. You can opt for the type of seed cultivation according to the availability of the space and also as per your convenience since the seeds offer both indoor and outdoor farming options. 

High Supplies only offers wonderful collection of the seeds with minimum production of the THC content of about 10% and maximum of about 25%. The most potent strain of Indica guarantees the users with mighty kick from each puff. 

The seeds that you avail from their shops become bushy after completing their growth period and start forming buds within the time duration of 8 to 9 weeks. The buds will be coated with resin like layers, which do not allow any external harm reaching the core of the seeds. The closed and hard structure of the buds gives out hash taste and smell when smoked.

As soon as the seeds germinate they grow strong dark green leaves and have a promising potent look. Due to its strong properties very suitable to grow indoors as well as outdoors, very mold and disease resistant so even beginners won't have a hand full of work. Aurora Indica stays low but can grow big heavy buds covered with resin. Smoking the buds will knock you down for a couple of hours due to high levels of CBD and THC.

Aurora Indica is a cross of Northern Light and Afghan. This F1 hybrid grows short, producing dense buds and heavy colas. The amount of resin that it produces is extremely good, leading to a near-black hash and deep high with a heavy buzz and tasty aroma. It is one of the most potent Indica strains. 

They Produce Dense Buds with Spicy Aroma

Like regular cannabis seeds, this feminized strain produces very heavy dense buds with a spicy taste and chopped aroma. Despite the capacity to grow up to short length, it is one of the strongest Indica hybrids available today. Since it produces rich, heavy resin elements, it grows pretty good in the Sea of Green.

The strong indica offers the body a relaxed feel, which makes it an ideal choice for smoking before bedtime. Apart from recreational activity, it is known for treating insomnia and hyperactivity. This outdoor seed grows well in warm climate conditions, like Spain.One can go really high, after taking this strong Aurora seed and the medical use of this strain is quite impressive. 

Both Afghan and Northern Lights have been there in the marijuana industry since many decades. Being considered as the most potent cannabis variety, Aurora Indica Feminized seeds offer exceptional resin production. If we individually talk about its parents, Afghanis the best strain for original genetics, while Northern Lightis known as best yielding pure indica variety. 

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

It can be grown either outdoors or indoors, though yields best result when cultivated indoors. The flowering period ranges from 7 to 9 weeks, yielding 400-500grams per plant. 

The denser buds, shorter statue, and heavy colas make Aurora the most potent indica hybrid. It produces near black hash, deep aroma, and high buzz. The high THC level produces a feeling, which is stoned and heavy all-over. It hasnearly black, strong aroma and the smoke is quite relaxing yet strongly narcotic!

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Final thought on smoke

Well, how fun that grow was. The high is controlled and pleasant in the strong medium range. No stress weed. Brings out my creative vibs too. Love it.

, on 06/4/2021

My first grow - going well - a few lessons

So, this is my first grow. I was able to start 3 seeds, using a lizard heat plate and keeping the seeds at 78-80 F. In baggie with slightly moist thin clean shop towel. Seeds sprouted in 48 hours. The last 2 seeds I didn’t heat, and they didn’t sprout after 48 hours till I placed them on the warming plate. Next day they sprouted.
Second lesson I learned, I will start them either in their final pot, 5 or 7 gallon, or get them replanted sooner. The roots after 6 weeks were all along all sides and bottom of a 2 gallon planter!! Also, the soil was dry on bottom, even with 8 ounces of water a day.

Really watching the leave shape showed me when I was under-watering, (sag) or when I had them too close to the 300 W LED lights. (Dry yellow ends of a few leaves)

I “topped” the plants at 6 weeks.

I’m at week 7 or so now, plants are in 5 gallon planters and growing so fast! In 1-2 weeks I will start the 12/12 cycle.

All 5 seeds germinated. One plant was literally dried out once then pulled out by my ferret, all leave died but two little ones, and that one is now growing well! Wow.

Looking forward to more seeds, hoping to do Girl scout cookies next.

, on 03/27/2021

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Aurora Indica Feminized

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Mickey Southall : "Do you ship to Virginia?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Me, Myself and I: "Do you ship to brazil?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Kp: "You ship to USA "

High Supplies: Yes.

Gandalf: "I live in Sweden and how does it work whith the border and so. IF the customs take it for example , is my money gone then ? Or do you have some kind of guaranty ? Mvh "

High Supplies: All orders arrive in Sweden, do not worry.

Jordan farrell: "Wondering if you.ship to Pennsylvania?


High Supplies: Yes.

Freddy : "Plant more dialed in for higher heat and humidity "

Colin Swanson: "Do you sell non-feminized seeds"

High Supplies: No.

Dolly Hunt: "How many seeds per packet?"

High Supplies: 5 seeds per packet

Janine : "Which type of seeds grow well in the Los Angeles, CA area?"

James : "Can you ship to me in New York ? "

High Supplies: Yes.

Tuye: "Which are the best seeds for outdoor growing for lithuanian climate?"

High Supplies: Try lowryder seeds

Lano : "Hello I’m trying to do indoor growing any suggestions?"

Paul Fairchild : "Can you tell me what day both orders where sent out."

High Supplies: We ship daily

Kenneth Cansler: "How should I start seeds just put them in dirt or do you have any special directions"

High Supplies: Put the seeds in a glass of WARM water and put the glass in a dark area, after 5 days the seeds are germinated

Jenn: "NJ here, indoor growing. Are these the best for pain management? If not, please suggest something better. It has to be indoor growth "

High Supplies: Try Jack Herer seeds

Jeff : "Will Indica grow good in Southern California in summer and or spring"

High Supplies: Yes they will grow very well there.

Andy: "Hi can you recommend a good plant to grow in Bulgaria in spring/summer in a green house I'm new to growing so something easy to maintain would be great many thanks

High Supplies: Yes, for beginners we advice to start with the autoflower seeds

Edward Barksdale : "Eddie B: "I’ve never bought seeds before and I don’t want to get into any kind of trouble. How are the seeds packaged and sent out?" How long is the drying process? "

High Supplies: In white plain envelope
Check our grow guide

Joe: "hi what % indica sativa ratio is your AI?"

High Supplies: 95% indica

Shawn: "Can this plant grow well in the northeast USA "

High Supplies: Yes it can.

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Aurora Indica Feminized

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