How to Cultivate Auto-flowering Cannabis Indoors?

Published : 08/2/2014 13:07:08
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Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are not like the regular seeds as their flowering stage is not ruled by photoperiod. This implies that the auto-flowering ones are not like the regular seeds and will start blooming only after specific period of time, irrespective of whether or not you have changed the lighting to 12/12. 

This is the special feature of auto seed strains that make them perfect if you need constant marijuana supply. Cultivating these seeds is not very different from the normal Indica and Sativa cannabis varieties, but there are some differences that need to be taken into account. Here’s how to cultivate auto-flowering cannabis indoors for the best possible results.  

Duration of Light 

There is a difference of opinion among the cultivators themselves when it comes to the hours of light needed each day, varying from 16 – 24 hours per day. However, most of them favor 18 hours per day of light; thus, it's 18/6from the starting to the ending of the lifecycle. 


During the initial 12–14 days, the plants need not be fed with anything else except water. Following this, light growth nutrients can be added, which has to be continued till the plant has been blooming for one week. This will come to around 2 weeks of providing growth nutrients.  

Then you need to flush well and change over to light kind of blooming nutrients for around four weeks. Stop providing nutrients to the plants around one week before harvesting. Remember not to over-feed nutrients.  

Few commercial plant nutrient producers may advise high nutrient concentrations, but a lot less is usually recommended, particularly in case of the auto-flowering marijuana seed strains. 


Soil is a very crucial aspect to focus on irrespective of the kind of cannabis strain you are using. Usually, auto marijuana seed strains favor airy soil, which is comparatively low on nutrients. 

The usual pot plant soil is not apt for cannabis seeds. It is advised to purchase soil at an expert grow-shop. Remember to opt for the light mix. You can also blend your own soil by mixing three parts of peat moss, three parts of compost, two parts of pre-wet perlite, and one part of pre-wet vermiculite. 

Pot Size

A majority of the auto-flowering marijuana seeds don’t grow into very large plants. So, it is not advised to use very large pots. The ideal pot size content range for growing this strain indoors is 3 liters to 15 liters. 

If you happen to choose a large pot, the plants will grow more roots and the plant will also be larger and higher. Evidently, there’s a limit over there. The additional space that the auto-flowering plants get is mostly useless, even if it does not harm the plant in any way. 

By ensuring that the aforementioned conditions are satisfied, it is easy to cultivate excellent auto-flowering cannabis plants indoors.

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