Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 70
Height in cm:50 - 70 cm
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / IndicaSativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Number of seeds5

About AK 47 Autoflowering

AK47 Autoflowering holds strong Sativa properties with nice smelling buds which are filled with a promising layer of glittering resin. 

This is a strong kind of plant and therefore very suitable for outdoor growing, you can plant her almost everywhere because of her strength and disease resistance.
Smoking AK-47 Autoflower gives a good energetic high and tastes spicy but sweet, lovely to try!

It’s a cross breed between AK 47 and F1 Lowryder, which give their best genetic properties: the phenotype Lowryder’s fruity aroma, and high resin yield… And, the result is a strong auto-flowering strain that maintains most of the original characteristics of AK 47, displaying unbelievable potency and yield potential for an auto-flowering strain. So, everything that growers and smokers love about the AK 47 strain has been left intact even after the cross-breed.

Resinous Buds and Delectable Aroma With Short Flowering Time

The buds of this powerful strain are very resinous, compact and radiate a delectable aroma. The plant can be ready in a very short period of time (around 70 days) right from its seed stage. It is suitable for cultivating outdoors, indoors, balconies, window boxes, patios or any other place where there is limited space. Due to its short lifespan, growers can not only enjoy an early harvest of high quality cannabis, but also do multiple harvests every season.

Smoking AK-47 Autoflower tastes spicy but sweet and offers a nice energetic high; it’s absolutely divine to smoke its pot! With strong sativa characteristics, the buds smell nice and are covered with a promising sparkling resin layer. 

AK 47 Auto-flowering cannabis is undoubtedly one of the strongest auto-flowering cannabis seed varieties in the market. But, you got to order it only from a reliable place like, which has been a pioneer in supplying the best cannabis seeds for several decades.

We ship cannabis seeds to your door-step at amazingly-quick time – so give it a try today!


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yield 189 grams outside. organically grown. tasted after brown bag just before going into the jar...primo

, on 08/20/2017

AK 47 seeds

This AK 47 has a very strong smoke !!! keep it high!

, on 03/15/2013

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AK 47 Autoflowering

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Carlos DelaRosa: "Anywhere in the US?"

High Supplies: Yes

Sheriff: "Hi,
Can you ship to India? Is it safe and discreet?"

High Supplies: We do not ship to India

Rick: "For 5 seeds in America money, How much please. Thanks."

High Supplies: $ 28.39 usd

Nichole odell: "I have ak47 auto extreme that isn't ready to harvest after 90 days is this normal?"

High Supplies: did you put the plant in the dark ? because they flower very fast

Larry: "any problems shipping to USA?"

High Supplies: no problem

a.c.ab: "Tervist tekis selline küsimus kaua seemned kohale tulevad.ja lähevad 100% õitsema ka või "

High Supplies: 100% õitsema

fatty: "what AUTOFLOWER strains would you recommend to Scandinavian weather such as Norway and Sweden?
(night usually go to 0-15+C depending on wich month that is)

also gimme a hint of what average yield might be with ur given autoflower strain in this climate"

High Supplies: try lowryder seeds :

High supplies sweden fan: "Greetings High-supplies team!

Can u recommend me any strains that is suitable to Scandinavian weather such as sweden, will they survive and give a proper yield in such climate? also is the timeframe depending on any weather? lets say ak47 AF finish in 9 weeks, can i put em out in june and expect them to be done in late july or early august?
another thing im unsure of is germination, since im growin outside and dont have a lamp/tent avaliable, should i just put the seeds straight in the soil? or let them grow a tail on a piece of wet paper? Thank u guys so much for ur time
Best regards, ur Sweden fan"

High Supplies: For Scandinavian weather we advice to use the autoflower seeds :

first germinate the seeds before you put them into the soil

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AK 47 Autoflowering

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    AK 47 Autoflowering

    AK 47 Autoflowering

    AK47 Autoflowering holds strong Sativa properties with nice smelling buds which are filled with a promising layer of glittering resin. 

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