Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 70
Height in cm:50 - 70 cm
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / IndicaSativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Number of seeds5

About AK 47 Autoflowering

AK47 Autoflowering holds strong Sativa properties with nice smelling buds which are filled with a promising layer of glittering resin. 

This is a strong kind of plant and therefore very suitable for outdoor growing, you can plant her almost everywhere because of her strength and disease resistance.
Smoking AK-47 Autoflower gives a good energetic high and tastes spicy but sweet, lovely to try!

It’s a cross breed between AK 47 and F1 Lowryder, which give their best genetic properties: the phenotype Lowryder’s fruity aroma, and high resin yield… And, the result is a strong auto-flowering strain that maintains most of the original characteristics of AK 47, displaying unbelievable potency and yield potential for an auto-flowering strain. So, everything that growers and smokers love about the AK 47 strain has been left intact even after the cross-breed.

Resinous Buds and Delectable Aroma With Short Flowering Time

The buds of this powerful strain are very resinous, compact and radiate a delectable aroma. The plant can be ready in a very short period of time (around 70 days) right from its seed stage. It is suitable for cultivating outdoors, indoors, balconies, window boxes, patios or any other place where there is limited space. Due to its short lifespan, growers can not only enjoy an early harvest of high quality cannabis, but also do multiple harvests every season.

Smoking AK-47 Autoflower tastes spicy but sweet and offers a nice energetic high; it’s absolutely divine to smoke its pot! With strong sativa characteristics, the buds smell nice and are covered with a promising sparkling resin layer. 

AK 47 Auto-flowering cannabis is undoubtedly one of the strongest auto-flowering cannabis seed varieties in the market. But, you got to order it only from a reliable place like, which has been a pioneer in supplying the best cannabis seeds for several decades.

We ship cannabis seeds to your door-step at amazingly-quick time – so give it a try today!


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Mixed feelings

So first off 2 of the 5 seeds didn’t do anything. But on the other hand the seeds that took off really “Took off” I’m looking at 5’ tall plants with 6” buds!!! I thought these autofowers were smaller plants with less harvest but this shit is crazy!! I wish all the seeds took off but the others are making up for it I guess...

, on 01/14/2021

Wanted this variety to be awesome, but...

I received my seed order on 12/6/2020. I immediately selected 2 seeds to test sprout. I use my tried-and-true 'Germ Pak' method: moist paper towels on a plate inside a baggie in a warm dark area. This method works very well for just about any type of seed, especially hard-to-sprout seeds.
I can't say it any other way: Those first seeds were duds. They fell apart and sort of disintegrated- not very encouraging, especially when Girl Scout Cookies is sprouting alongside (100% germination with GSC!). These were definitely inferior seeds with no potential for sprouting.
So, I left those seeds in the 'germ pak' plate and added the remainder of seeds. Right now, I have one plant that has sprouted and is now potted and growing well. The remaining 2 seeds (I only ordered 5 seeds to run this test) swelled and show signs of possible sprouting so I'm going to wait these out.
I know that 5 seeds hardly make a reliable control group, but that's what I got so that's what I'm reviewing. My conclusion is the seeds weren't very high quality and some were damaged (maybe smashed). 1 plant in 5 is not a success. However, I look forward to the next 60 days to assess the autoflowering growth rate (this is the AF type) and ultimately the quality of the buds.
I may gamble and try this variety again (I like the attributes) but not go with the AF type again.

, on 12/21/2020

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AK 47 Autoflowering

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Andronikou valentinos : "Good evening do you ship in Cyprus "

High Supplies: Yes.

Kent: "What’s best way to grow at-47 auto flower? 12-12 whole grow cycle? Read some do better with 24hrs whole time. "

High Supplies: That is correct, autflowers can handle 24 hours for a better result.

Kenneth : "Do you ship to Texas?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Stanley Lee: "Can I clone from Autoflowering​ strain?"

High Supplies: No, because it's start flowering after 55 days

Milo Moses Fossella: "Female?"

High Supplies: Yes, all seeds that we sell are female

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Kyia T ♥: "Is this a indoor plant ?"

High Supplies: Can be used for indoor, but works better outdoor

Brandon: "U ship to Honolulu hi"

High Supplies: Yes.

Chris Clarke: "Hi Do ship to Australia WA?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Rabian Miller: "Do you ship to Mississippi

High Supplies: Yes.

Stjepan Hrastovčak: "Do you ship to croatia?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Pompeii : "Do you ship to Nigeria?"

High Supplies: Not at this moment.

Russell: "I guess you can ship to mo. And what would my CC bill look like."

High Supplies: We use a discrete descriptor name.

Ttttt: "Can u send seeds to turkey ?"

High Supplies: We do not ship there.

Mike: "Can you mix 2 different seeds together "

High Supplies: Yes, but the seeds are all female so you can not cross them

Fidel Castorena: "Will i receive package in mail box ?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Luke : "Ship to use ny "

High Supplies: Yes.

Jaskirath: "Do you ship in india?"

High Supplies: Not at this moment.

Miki: "Do you ship to macedonia?"

High Supplies: Yes.

BobbyO: "What is the seed to harvest time? "

High Supplies: Flowering starts after 55 days.

Ranjoku: "Do you ship to malaysia ?"

High Supplies: we do not ship there.

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AK 47 Autoflowering

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