Flowering time
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Critical Feminized

A perfect strain giving a bumper yield in a short flowering time! It can be cultivated in small areas under varied climatic conditions.

Cannabis is a growing industry and with it getting legal in many states the growth is only going to go northwards. The growers always wanted to have that one perfect strain that can be cultivated in varied environmental conditions with ease. Critical Feminized Seeds is exactly the one they have been longing for. It is a hybrid of two varieties: Indica and Sativa and till date is considered as the closest one to the perfect strain possible.

Having Indica dominant genetic structure, the plant is small in size, generally staying below 1 metre. The internode spacing is short and later it fills up with buds. So, it is basically multiple branches in a classical shape with dense, heavy nuggets that keep growing all around a vast central kola. This is the perfect plant for those who have small planting spaces, but are looking for high yields. It is also a boon for discreet growers.

The plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors, though the yield varies. If grown indoors on an average you can expect 65-75 grams per plant. If the area is kept under 600W light then you can easily procure 600 grams per square metre. If grown outdoors, the plant yields somewhere around 100gm. When grown outdoors, a slightly warmer climate is required for the plant to provide maximum yield. Thus, areas like California, Spain, and Italy are ideal, but it can be grown in northern latitudes too as it has a shorter flowering time. But in these areas, it is better to cultivate it indoors as outdoors it might not reach its full potential. The best month for outdoor harvest is October.

Advantages for Commercial Growers
This strain is ideal for the commercial growers for the following reasons.
•    It has a short flowering time, which makes it ideal for cultivators who are on a tight schedule.
•    The yield is high and it can be grown in varied environmental conditions.
•    Needs small cultivation area and is really low maintenance.
This is one variety that yields rewarding result even to the novice. But if a person is a bit experienced and takes care of the nutrient regimes then the results are phenomenal especially if grown outdoors. The seed has sweet, fruity skunky aroma. The THC content is normally around 15-18 percent, which makes it strong but not overpowering. The user quickly experiences a pleasant body buzz.

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Got 5 seeds all duds been germinating for 6 days still nothing

, on 06/5/2021


*recieved in 4 weeks growing fast and strong, plants have awesome genetics,can’t wait to see her flowers

, on 01/13/2021

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Critical Feminized

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Joey: "I want smoke that's going to lay me on the couch and get lots of Bud come harvest time! I live in West Virginia! Will this strand grow good and give me a high yield with a high THC level! "

Melody: "I am a first time outdoor grower in Kentucky. I was wondering what is an easy low maintenance with the highest THC content to grow outdoors this spring? "

High Supplies: Yes, try our Lowryder seeds :

Andrew Sullivan: "How long average to grow from seed to harvest. Have a 600 w led in a grow tent, plant seems healthy but stunted. Is it a slower grow? "

High Supplies: Around 80 days

Brandon Sell: "Outdoor plant?"

High Supplies: Yes, you can also use for outdoor.

Andrew: "do you ship to nw Georgia?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Carlos Cortes: "The page does not say flowering time "

High Supplies: You can harvest after 70 days with this plant

Clyde & NeKita Brown: "does this make lazy and sleepy"

High Supplies: Well, you get very high from these plants..

Samuel morris: "Do you deliver to quincy, il. And will this grow here"

High Supplies: Both yes.

Joey: "Do you deliver in west virginia?? And will they grow in west virginia??"

High Supplies: Yes we ship there, there will also grow there.

Shannon Campbell : "Do you deliver to Cincinnati Ohio "

High Supplies: Yes.

Maria Moser: "Do you deliver to Sweden?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Glen: "Do u deliver to Arizona "

High Supplies: Yes.

David: "Wheres my 5 dollars off coupon for my review?
Im 45 days in and have puff balls everywhere. Great begining on atoflowering plants.. BUDS"

High Supplies: Discount code is send to you.

nekita brown: "does this marijuans make you want to sleep"

High Supplies: Better try Amnesia seeds

Calegero: "I live in southwestern Connecticut. Will the critical feminized seeds grow here in spring time?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Buddy: "Do you guys ship to florida. "

High Supplies: Yes.

Lovise : "Do you deliver to Norway?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Nate Ohm: "I live in Las Vegas I grow about 50 plants every quarter so 200 yearly what are some good plants to grow around here I need heavy yields and enjoy pine citrus and crossed OG phenos please let me know as I will but from you guys heard some good stuff about your company. God bless."

High Supplies: Tr our Big Bud or Jack Herer seeds / Critical

Dennis: "When is the best time to plant these seeds in SE-PA.??"

High Supplies: when temperature is above the 18c

Mike johnson: "How much yield


High Supplies: 500 grams per plant

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Critical Feminized

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