Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):45 - 55
Height in cm:50 - 70 cm
ClimatCool / Cold
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Skunk Autoflowering

Skunk Autoflowering feminized mostly has Indica properties which quickly goes into the flowering stage and has a good portion of resin all over the buds. 

Not only has the Skunk Autoflower a great level of THC but thanks to her Indica properties the CBD level is also big.
This provides a long period of feeling stoned and gives a good high as well.
It tastes spicy with a nice after taste.

Skunk Autoflower, strong in indica properties, makes it easier to get the best results, thanks to the reliability of the Skunk family. It sets high standards for uniform, fast, and high yield.

An Auto-Flowering Hybrid

It’s an auto-flowering hybrid that enters the flowering stage pretty quickly and gets covered with a considerable portion of resin all over the buds. Its excellent genetic structure has influenced many of the modern hybrids today. 

The powerful, reliable, and consistent genome of Skunk #1 has been bred with auto cannabis ruderalis cultivar for creating Skunk Autoflower, which is a nicely yielding, and robust strain. Flowering starts automatically after around six weeks of vegetative growth or so. Its aroma is obviously Skunky – pungent, sweet, and mouth-watering!

Skunk autoflower has high THC levels and CBD levels, thanks to its indica dominant properties. Such high levels give a long period of stoned feeling and a good high also. The potency of this family of cannabis is so well-known that ‘skunk’ is the name that is often used to refer to all kinds of powerful marijuana. The buds taste spicy with a pleasant after-taste. 

Skunk Autoflower should undoubtedly be the first consideration on the list for beginners due to its easy-growing properties. Experienced growers also come back to buy these seeds because they know how capable and productive the yield really is. 

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Autoflower og-gush

Ei ole vielä tullut mutta odotan innolla ja mielenkiinnolla haluan kokeilla.

, on 05/17/2021


They were the 1st ones to be harvested Took a out 3 months from seed to hanging up drying

, on 12/3/2020

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Skunk Autoflowering

Questions (23)

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Kendel : "Can skunk be grown in any weather?"

High Supplies: Temp should be above the 15c

Delton Shepherd: "How many seed's do you get for one order"

High Supplies: 5 seeds per order

Barry Beaudoin: "Hello
on your description of each plant type, is it possible to include the THC levels on all descriptions? That would be interesting and very helpful
Please consider!!
Thank you!

High Supplies: we will soon, but for now it is indication, High = above the 20%

Father O'Malley : "Can your company get Roadkill Skunk seeds. You know the strain from the early 80s tat you could smell a mile away. "

High Supplies: We do not have those in our stock at this moment.

d: "Do you have feminized auto flowers.

High Supplies: Yes, all our seeds that we sell are feminized, also the autoflower seeds

Raine: "What is the average thc level for skunk auto?"

High Supplies: Around the 18% THC

David Branch : "How tall do they get. And how much dried bud will i get"

High Supplies: 1.20 meter max

Dewayne : "will you ship to Louisiana USA"

High Supplies: Yes.

Kevin Jerge: "What temp is ideal for inside grow tent for this strain?"

High Supplies: 25c

Arthur G: "will you ship to indiana?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Erik : "what kinda seeds you recommend for vegas"

High Supplies: Use the climate filter in the categories, set to sunny

Santino: "What's the best seeds to get for North island New Zealand"

High Supplies: Use the climate filter in the categories to get your strains

Peter : "What strain would u recommend for ireland an outdoor soil grow "

High Supplies: All autoflower seeds

Q: "Can you ship to Illinois ?"

High Supplies: Yes we can.

Curtis Johnson: "What would be the best autoflowering seeds for Atlanta Georgia"

High Supplies: Jack here auto is good

harry august: "how many seeds do you get for the $ 40.00 or is this the price for just 1 seed??"

High Supplies: 5 seeds

Fredrik: "How do i get seeds from this? If i want to reproduce seeds"

High Supplies: We only sell feminized seeds, so you need a male plant for that.

Jay: "Hi there what is your phone number because your checking out didn't take my card"

High Supplies: It is possible that your bank does not allow cross border payments or 3d secure is not enabled on your card, please contact your bank and ask if your can pay cross border or enable 3d secure, they can lift the block. If that is not possible please choose for bank wire or cash payment and mail the cash to us.

Scott: "I bought female seeds a couple of years ago from Denmark and it turned out to be a male plant. Is there any type of guarantee that your seeds WILL be female?"

High Supplies: yes, all our seeds are feminized, so plant will be all female

Ian: "What is the average yield with this strain?"

High Supplies: 100 grams per plant

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Skunk Autoflowering

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