Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100-150 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Ice feminized

Ice feminized cannabis seeds are a typical mixture Sativa/ Indica with an impressive look when the buds are all fluffy white. 

To get to the Ice we all know now there has been a history of breeding and mixing with ancient Afghani, Silver Haze, Northern Light and a Skunk kind.
Eventually the birth of Ice happened and this kind truly has all positive properties inherited from its famous ancestors.
Ice prefers to grow indoors but with the right stable weather conditions you can grow her outdoors as well.
Ice is a name that suits her well, as the buds grow big and thick like cola bottles the layer of white resin give the buds that icy look, cure them well and you won't be disappointed at all!
As the flowering phase begins Ice still smells a little neutral but that will change into a fresh green smell with a hint of citrus.
The effect you get from smoking the buds depends on how much your intake is. 
When you keep it cool and leave it at a few puffs you get high but active as well, smoking more of Ice gets you into a state of a couch-locking feeling that stays with you for a few hours.

Ice feminized seed strain is the ideal indica-dominant hybrid variety for hash lovers and bedtime smokers. It gets its name because it appears so frosty due to the fully covered resin glands, sparkling just like ice. It is a cross breed of 3 classic marijuana strains: a special Skunk, classic heavyweight Northern Lights and traditional Afghan, resulting in a variety that is 90% indica and 10% sativa. This combination produces one of the most body-heavy and relaxing highs of any hybrid variety in the market. Essentially ICE stands for Indica Crystal Extreme, but folks have derived their own meanings over the years.

Indica-Sativa Hybrid

This splendid indica-sativa hybrid offers an extremely awesome yield. For indoor cultivators, it is a great choice for cultivators looking for the kind of weed that works fine in both soil and hydro systems. It can also be cultivated outdoors in areas with Mediterranean or temperate climatic conditions. The buds that it produces, are thickly covered with trichomes, and feature a highly dense structure with high flower-to-leaf ratio. The upper parts of the branches and main stem are covered with solid colas.

Ice feminized offers a heavy pot with a sweet, rich and resinous flavor, which has a sharp aroma too. And, the effect mainly depends upon the amount of intake. If you take just a few puffs and keep it cool, you get active and high, but smoking more of it pushes you into a couch-lock feel that lasts easily for a few hours!

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Awesome smoke dry and cure it and it has the kick of a 20+ seed. You won't be disappointed.

, on 09/23/2021

Good strain

Good strain was good on yields

, on 05/4/2020

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Ice feminized

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Teresa Andrews: "what is the THC percentage pls?"

High Supplies: Jack Herer / Papaya seeds are above the 20% THC

Felicia Christopher: "How long is veg stage "

Tommy Vandyke: "Best harvest time outdoors????

Dee: "How do I start the growing process"

Edward Schroeder: "What is the thc content of this seed?"

High Supplies: The plant from this seeds with have a THC level above the 20 %

Cyphonox: "how long can i store Your seeds and still have almost 100% germination rate?"

High Supplies: you can store them in the fridge for 1 year

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Ice feminized

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