Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Blue Mystic Feminized

Blue Mystic feminized cannabis seeds, nothing but love from those who tried it, the combination of sweet taste and great effect shoots this one right into the top 10 of popular kinds.

Blue mystic is mostly Indica dominant with all it's powerful characteristics, as far as we know its origin lies in California, America.
This Indica queen doesn't grow very tall but has the tendency to grow bushy  producing wide growing blue colored trichome covered buds.
By pinching the head top the plant creates more branches what means the yield will increase, giving you more buds !
In it's growing phase the smell is hardley noticable but as soon as you smoke the properly dried buds the sweet berry-like taste will surprise you. Consuming Blue Mystic at first provides an energetic high that flows into a good stonedness keeping you in a head-lock for a while.

Blue Mystic feminized seeds are known for their soft blue hues that look roughly halfway into flowering. This strain shares most of its qualities with famous Northern Light. It has all the desirable qualities of a perfect cannabis strain along with the added appeal of colorful, beautiful appearance. Unlike many other cannabis seeds, it maintains neutral smell from seedling to rising period. It has nearly berry-like taste after smoking. 

Feminized Version of Blue Mystic

It’s the feminized version of the original Blue Mystic, and this indoor strain has its origin in California. It produces heavy buds and under good cultivating conditions, these buds usually have shiny blue shade in the final stages of flowering. It has smooth, fruity-berry flavor and comparatively high quality shelf life. 

Blue mystic feminized seeds are basically from Oregon and California, North America. The hybrid seeds are from the lineage of two well known Indica breeds namely Blueberry and Northern Lights. 

The wonderful mixture of both the top-notch breeds has made the seeds quite popular in both the farming world and the world of weed smokers. If you are looking for highly fertile seeds of this cannabis strain, you can easily procure them from the

The quick growing and high yield producing features of the feminized seeds has made them one of the best suggested plant strains for the beginners. The complete plant cycle from the seed sprouting into seedlings till the bud formation requires about minimum of 3 months and flowering takes about 8 to 9 weeks for complete maturation. If you find that your seeds are taking more time for maturing, then you could visit this seedbank and discuss with experts.

Best Blue mystic feminized seeds only at the high Supplies:

No matter whether you are a fresher for the weed cultivation or have few years of experience, contacting High Supplies cannabis seed banks is the best way to ensure that you are dealing with one of the global authentic seed banks. If you are willing to learn more about any seed cultivation then the customer care for the seed banks are always happy to help and answer the queries of the customers.

Tasty Fruity Flavor and Anti-Anxiety Properties

Blue Mystic has a tasty fruity flavor and anti-anxiety properties make it one of the best strains for both recreational and medicinal use. The hybrid of popular breeds, Blueberry and Northern Light, it has high yield, best flavor, and heavy high. 

One of the best qualities of Blue Mystic feminized seeds is its fast growth rate. The whole seedling to flowering and maturity period is less than three months. It grows into average height (75-125cm) and the yield volume can be easily enhanced by improving horizontal bushing with spreading and trimming. 

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but the quality of buds and best results can be attained when cultivated outdoors, if you live in areas nearby Northern European region.

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Amazing! Allle plantene har bokat seg flotte, ventet spent på blomstringstiden;)

, on 11/16/2022


This is my love! Great, beautiful,

, on 05/16/2021

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Blue Mystic Feminized

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Lashay: "So you ship to Columbus ohio"

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Antonio kimberlin: "Can you put it out side ?? I know the first year i did good then last year my order didn’t come in and you all said you would resend them and I never got them and I want to order this year but idk cause of what happened to me last year on my order and I relly don’t want to order some where els and it sucked big time last year where my order didn’t come in "

High Supplies: Yes, you can grow this plant also outdoor.

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Donley Thompson: "Do you have blue cookie seeds available? Also i placed order im in cali how long would that order be "

High Supplies: No, we only have Girls Scout Cookies

Terrie Andrews : "What thc % in blue mystic?"

High Supplies: Above the 20% THC.

Gucci6ricc: "Do you guys send seeds to el salvador? Im looking into growing outdoor but customs here it's tight when it comes to things like this so I was just wondering "

High Supplies: Yes.

Sean Gooslin: "How long will it take to ship to Michigan right now with Covid-19 and the pandemic?

High Supplies: Shipping to the US is temporary around 25 (max. 35) business days due backlog. (normally 20 days but now HUGE delay with COVID-19). Cargo planes from Europe to the US fly at this moment at 10% of what they normal do, that is the reason for the huge delay. Contact us when you did not received the order after 35 business days, do not worry, we guarantee your order.

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High Supplies: Yes, we ship to Chicago, but we do not have those seeds.

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High Supplies: Yes.

Drew: "Does This Plant Really Turn Purple?"

High Supplies: Yes,

Cindy: "I know it’s an approximate figure but is the flowering times listed from onset of pistols? Ex: Diesel says 45 - 55 days. "

High Supplies: Yes, flowering start then.

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High Supplies: Yes.

Tiffany: "can it be shipped to Alabama?"

High Supplies: Yes it can.

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High Supplies: Yes.

Kim Herman: "Im from Denver Moved to Florida. I like an upbeat energitic strain that will bring my artistic side out. Big Artist. Miss my Home in Denver. "

High Supplies: Try Papaya

Sean: "Is this some bs or the seed gonna grow I’m very interested "

High Supplies: You should try it.

Kelly G.: "What are the best strains for growing outdoors in FL? "

High Supplies: Depends on what you like.

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Blue Mystic Feminized

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