Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:200 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatCool / Cold
Sativa / IndicaMostly Sativa
Number of seeds5

About Durban Poison feminized

Durban Poison feminized seeds are a very good choice if you love the typical Sativa properties in growth, taste and effect.

A promising kind of the sativa strain, almost everyone who has ever tried Durban Poison gives positive feedback.
Growing her shows she is a true sativa kind with long small leaves and a fresh green color with wide growing branches.
When properly dried the buds are a beautiful sight, lovely golden brown/orange hairs lay gently on the nice green colored bud which has a solid and firm texture.
It has a powdery look because of the layer of resin all over, this just invites you to light it up and enjoy the ride.
Durban Poison has a high level of THC that will leave you in an energetic high and that typical sativa buzz and tasted surprisingly fresh and sweet.

Imported from South Africa, Durban Poison is now mainly produced in Holland. The pure sativa inbred is highly-stabilized. It produces large long buds and leaves with lots of resin. It makes one go really high, and it has a lingering licorice flavor. It can be grown either indoor or outdoor, and even cultivated very well in hotter climates, while it can withstand artificial light for indoor growing too. It can be out-crossed with late bloomers to facilitate early flowering. 

Easy to Cultivate

This popular variety is quite easy to cultivate; the seeds can easily confuse a novice grower with their indica appearance. The dark green leaves contain enough resin. It has similar, high flavor as that of Thai. With sweet liquorices and unique anise flavor, it has won Token Bowl Cannabis Culture award too. 

Popularly Known as the Dutch Passion

Also known as Dutch Passion, it is good for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. It flowers within 10 weeks and grows into a tall plant. It has nearly 18.6 percent of THC level and the buds yield up to 350g per plant. The best time to harvest Dutch Passion is mid Sept. 

Don’t Go by Its Looks!

Though it doesn’t have beautiful appearance, one shouldn’t judge this strain by looks. It is resistant to mushroom and mould, and can be grown easily. The flowering cycle is quite short, like a sativa genetic. The seeds can be planted in April, so that completely set Duran Poison plant is readily available in the first or second week of Sept. 

One can really enjoy the Thai aroma and Asian flavor coming from this cannabis seed. The taste could be that of sweet aniseed or liquorices. This sativa dominant potistrippy high and has smell of juniper berries. In terms of potency and structure-wise, it is comparable to modern indoor marijuana seeds.

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New England Outdoor Completed Grow Review

This is my 6th grow and my first where I could do it in the comfort of my backyard. I grew Durban Poison and Jack Herra this past grow season. The Durban grew to a smaller height than the Jack but a more dense and more trichome filled bud. Theres enough trichomes on the Durban in some areas that it looks like it was dipped in powdered sugar. Now I am aware of powdered mildew and had to take precautions to keep it at bay this year due to the high humidity in New England. Wanting to confirm what the "powdered sugar" look was I checked it out under the microscope and WOW the density of the trichomes was noticeably more, about 50% more than the normal looking bud at the "powdered sugar" spots. The topped my plants every 4th sprout up untill early july. The plants grew several stocks with great colas on each. Not too many popcorn buds either.

What I used for soil and feed for this years grow is as follows. Half my soil (which was a nice dark brown, loomy soil and half happy frog potting mix in a 3x3x3deep ft square hole. They were fed 2 times a week with "Terp Tea Grow" and watered every other day untill they started to flower about mid august. Mid august I switched to "Terp Tea Bloom" and fed once a week and did not have to water much as it was raining once or twice a week.

Also I want to add we had a small frost last week at 36° and there was a confirmed thin layer of ice on the Durbans leaves then a 65° sunny day thereafter and there was 0 effects from the frost. Very good product just be aware the plants may look slightly different from eachother even tho they are the same strain. There are different phenotypes within each strain that can make the plants characteristics look slightly different. High supplies is definitely recommended.

, on 10/23/2020

Great seeds

90% of them grow

, on 09/24/2020

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Durban Poison feminized

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Viet: "This Durban poison come out flowers by itself or I have to grown 2 to make flowers?

High Supplies: You have to grow the seeds into plants to get flowers

Doug crawford: "How long to send me a order to new jersey ?"

High Supplies: Around 20 days.

kenny bain: "is it safe to order these seeds kin the statye of tennessee.ty."

High Supplies: Yes.

Lenny Round: "Can you please explain what Climate Cold/Cold means in detail. Also what do the other Climate descriptions mean and what are the RH and temperature’s. I can’t find a climate key description. Thank You. "

High Supplies: You can find the climate options in the category filter.

Andrew Mather: "How long do orders take to get to Australia in the current climate?"

High Supplies: between 50 and 60 days

Peter: "Hi, which seed breeder are your Durban poison seeds from and are they hybridized?, I know the ones from Dutch passion have been hybridized with an indica. "

High Supplies: They are our own breed.

Brandon: "Are these 20/4 or 12/12 plants?"

Ali: "Re: Durban Poison (fem), at the bottom of the description it says, 'the buds yield up to 350g/plant.' Is that 350g indoor or outdoor, & if it's outdoor, what is the avg. yield for indoor?"

High Supplies: that is indoor, outdoor is more, but also bigger plants

scott: "Whats the average harvest time for the seeds?"

High Supplies: Depends on the seeds, but feminized seeds after 65 days

Russell: "about this durbin poison feminized seeds. you say it has high level of thc but then you say nearly 8.6 % thc . Do you call 8.6 % a high level of THC. Please answer quickly I am waiting on answer to order. Thanks"

High Supplies: thanks for the info, the 1 in front was missing. is now updated..

mimi: "does your packing say high supply on it ? my neighbors are nosy is there away to cover that up"

High Supplies: not, only your name on it, it also makes NO sound

Derekvance: "Can u ship discreetly to South Alabama

High Supplies: yes we can.

Joey: "I ordered these seeds a little bit more than a week ago and it said it would take 3 to 7 days to get to me but they still haven't arrived, I live in central United States so I want to know why they haven't came in yet, and if they arrive I will get more."

High Supplies: Shipping to the US is around 20 days

Bryant Copeland : "How to check on order "

High Supplies: you can choose for trace post when you order, so that you can trace your order when it is send to you.

Labbehanz: "Do you take NOK Norwegian Kroners? Or FoU oi tae dollarseddel and euros?"

High Supplies: we do not take Norwegian Kroners, but you can pay with credit card also in Danish kroners

Pete Manzoli : "Would like to grow in a 30" high cabinet. I heard that this strain grows tall. What do you think? Also would like to know what percentage of Thcv this has."

High Supplies: thx is around 15% indoor it will not grow that tall

Melissa Greathouse: "How long is delivery?"

High Supplies: To the USA around 20 days

Joe: "Hello,can a person get a better price on bulk orders...from 100-400 seeds?


High Supplies: Yes, that is possible. send a request to info at

Dale Carroll: "When asked company name , what do I say, & do you use western union ?


High Supplies: Hi,

no we do not use Western Union, but you can pay with credit card - send cash in envelope or pay with bitcoins

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Durban Poison feminized

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