Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Blue Berries feminized

Blue Berries feminized seeds give beautiful plants, seeing the buds will explain why they are called blueberries.

Blue berries feminized seeds is the cross breed of 75% Indica strains including Chocolate Thai, Highland Oaxaca and Afghani and 25% of other strains. The seeds that you purchase from the will be enriched with all the positive traits from both the genus Indica and Sativa. 

Blue Berries feminized seeds that you buy from the High Supplies seed bank show tint or faint purple coloration on their leaves. The compact buds will be strong and sturdy with the layer of sticky resin covered by orange coloured thick and long hairs. 

The marijuana seeds that you order from the High Supplies can be grown in both the indoor and outdoor environments. The plants do not require extra care and hence can also be grown as the bonsai on your balcony. 

The High Supplies’ seeds give out deep fruity aroma and taste with each puff and definitely make the users to opt for the same strain every time they think of smoking weeds. The high quality weeds has the fast and strong effect on the minds of the users and it’s sleep inducing effect can help the people suffering from insomnia problem to enjoy deep sleep.

Blue Berries feminized strain has an exotic history in terms of genetics; it is a combination of Northern Lights and original Blueberry, resulting in mostly indica-dominant strain with extremely strong high and it has great medicinal value too. It produces solid, heavy buds and has sweet berry taste and slightly fruity, earthy smell.  This big indica pot is an ultimate medicinal plant with highly impressive yields. 

Cross Bred with Northern Lights Special

The original Blueberry is mixed with exotic genetics like Highland Oaxacan Gold, Afghani, and Chocolate Thai. Originally from USA, it is crossed with Northern Lights Special to generate an indica dominant strain. It has high THC level with 75 percent of Indica genetics. It can be grown indoor and outdoor, mostly in Northern continents, growing into blue shaded leaves.

Most feminized seeds come with variations in high, color, and leaves. The bud shapes also tend to vary. It has compact, stretched, bud structure and exceptionally good leaf-to-flower ratio. In general, it is a green plant with very little purple pistils. 

It is a sturdy, short, and stocky plant, cultivating compact and heavy buds. It also has medium to large candle shaped calyxes that can turn purple. Moreover, it does not need too much nutrients and under ideal conditions, it can also be cultivated outdoor; its vegetative period is just 3 weeks. 

Fruity Aroma and Great High

It has sweet, berrylike flavor and fruity aroma. One can go high immediately and its impact stays for long. 

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Good blue berry I hope

Got a couple started under light can't wait to see what she turns out she is taking her sweet time but should be taking a jump soon. My biggest question is how is she going to do outside can't wait to find out

, on 03/13/2020

Indoor Blue

I love this place excellent
every seed sprouts and get to be big babies
and the shipping has been excellent
no problems with my orders they all arrive
very nice product and great service

, on 03/5/2020

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Blue Berries feminized

Questions (16)

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Russell Williamson: "How does this strain do outside and are they a good strain to clone?


High Supplies: Yes it grows also well outside, you can clone it but for cloning you can use better power plant seeds

Carlos: "Do you guys send to phonix arzona"

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Russell Williamson: "When I ordered my propagation kit didn't have the one I wanted but it works wonderful I was just thinking about the heat mat does it make much of a difference since I didn't have the heat mat I put it in a cardboard box to contain heat and it's doing well just wondering if you think this mat will be any better

High Supplies: Great that it works for you!

Ivan : "Does it really produce around 500g a plant? "

High Supplies: yes, outdoor

Jonar : "Hello. How many plants do you recommend for one reflector? Is it enough with two reflectors for 5 plants? How would it infackt the yield? "

High Supplies: 3 plants per reflector

Johnny James: "Andy man I am stoned and I read your questions and you made me laugh buddy ....seeds are novelty Okla is legal grow medical anyways and I'm a patient . So I can darn sure order some seeds and I am getting ready to fill my cart up . Good luck allo growers thanks to mother EARTH for every plant you cut

High Supplies: Good luck!

morgan: "what is the grow time "

High Supplies: 9 to 10 weeks

Jedud: "How much does this plant produce? In oz. Plz.

High Supplies: around 500 gram per plant

Jose: "Witch of this stains is the big yield and high thc flowers"

High Supplies: then you should try Jack Herer autoflower :

Joseph Kancz: "Hey what is your linage for Blue Berries? :) "

High Supplies: This is not a plant for beginners, plant needs attention..

John-steve Andersen : "Hello! I buy some blue berries seeds last night and i get mail that you have send the order. But when i try to follow my order it's say that i have no order. Can you please help me?"

High Supplies: Yes, you had 2 account with the same email address, we removed 1 account and send you new account information to login into your account

Jacob Christian : "Yes i asked yesterday for thc levels in blueberries and i need to know what the regular ones have in them they are not altered .How much does the regular ones have thc "

High Supplies: regulars are the same, this also depends how the way you grow these plants with nutrients

Jacob Christian : "How much thc does the buleberries have for real"

High Supplies: between 17% and 22%

Andy: "Where are you from"

High Supplies: We are located in The Netherlands

Andy: "How to buy seed"

High Supplies: click on add to cart and follow the checkout procedure and pay

Andy: " Can I buy seeds"

High Supplies: Yes, you can buy seeds

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Blue Berries feminized

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