Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100-200 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About White Rhino Feminized

White Rhino feminized seeds are real easy to grow, they do well in every possible kind of growing environment.A very potent plant with all the right properties due to a mixture of Afghani, brazillian and Indian strains

White Rhino is mostly Indica that can be seen when she is in her full growing phase.
Wide shaped leaves grow on the many side branches what gives her the bushy look and as the buds start to emerge they grow thick, filled with a nice layer of resin that covers almost the whole plant from branch to leaf.
White Rhino isn't a fast grower, you can grow her indoors as well as outdoors but growing her indoors will increase yield, quality and is ready for harverst sooner than outdoor growers.
As soon as the buds develope you'll notice the very sweet smell she gives.
Consuming this sweet lady gives you a heavy stoned feeling, also known as the couch-lock effect.

White Rhino feminized strain is a powerful, effective F1 cannabis hybrid of White Widow and another potent Canadian Indica seed. Its parents feature more marijuana Indica genetics, making for shorter and denser plant. The high THC level makes it suitable for medicinal users. The smoke is slightly harsh and hash and has a stony buzz that makes it work well in a bong. 

Though it isn’t as famous and recognized as other popular cousins, it is an unstoppable strain that keeps growing. Winning champion cups many times, this blend of South Indian, Brazilian, and Afghan genetics is mostly indica with that sought-after, classy body effect. 

It is one of the hardy strains, which can survive extreme conditions. Her tough nature is suitable for northern climates and she can really keep your body warm on snowy, cold nights. The deep green-leaved plant with high THC content covers the dense stone-kind trichomes. Once it reaches the final stage, it produces a sweet, intense smell and has ripe berry taste. The pointy end tip, tasty bud, White Rhino feminized seed never gives up until you are satisfied.  

The delicious fruity taste is just one reason why it’s picked by growers. This intense, very long lasting plant has strong medicinal effects. It helps one to relax and forget about both mental and physical illness. With wicked THC levels and high yields, it offers plenty of opportunities for growers. 

It is a strong mix of cannabis genes collected from Southern India, Afghanistan, and Brazil. The feminized seeds have the best characteristics, qualities, and potency to give powerful plants and buds. Apart from the high THC content, it has sweet, fruity taste with uplifting fragrance.

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Why to go

Have good prices and everything i want

, on 01/2/2020

me happy

I bought white rhino seeds, planted them and in three days they started to grow and now they look beautiful, my opinion is that the quality of the seeds is real, and that the quality justifies the price. Greetings.

, on 11/5/2019

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White Rhino Feminized

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Goldy : "Even though it says Mediterranean climate will it still grow in Continental during high temperature summer months?"

High Supplies: yes, do not worry.

Chelsea Maria: ""What is the average yield for this plant?""

High Supplies: 250 grams

Lucas Martinez: "So iam a first time grower and I will be ordering my seeds pretty soon just have a couple questions. 1. Can I grow auto flower and none auto flower seeds in the same grow tent. And 2 should I cut the top of the plant on all the plants to get the braches to split to get more yield or only on some certain plants??"

High Supplies: please check our grow guide for info:

Wayne Lee: "I'm not trying to play dumb , but I have to ask . When the plants have started to bloom and have alot of buds , do you have to pull up the whole plant or can just cut off the best buds and let the b uds cure by hanging them upside down , while leaving the plant still in the dirt for later harvest . I feel kind of bad pulling the whole plant up if it's not ready. Thanks , Wayne"

High Supplies: just cut off the buds

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White Rhino Feminized

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