Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50-55
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / IndicaMostly Sativa
Number of seeds5

About Haze Feminized

Haze Feminized seeds, very popular almost legendary with good Sativa properties and a promise to almost reach heaven.

Haze is a perfect mixture of all sorts of good strain seeds like Thai, Mexican and Colombian what makes Haze very wanted for all sorts of medical problems or just to make you feel good and relaxing.
Haze feminized is a pure Sativa kind that can grow out to be a very tall but bushy plant, her leaves are long and narrow shaped.
When the buds start to develop she'll spread around a light sweet scent that intensifies when the buds are touched.
The dense relatively small buds are covered with shiny crystals and beautiful orange hairs.
Because she is a pure Sativa the effect you get from consuming her is high but without wearing you out, a very energetic though relaxing feeling will come over you and lingers on for a couple of hours, excellent for a night without any plans.

This award-winning strain is a combination of light Skunk and original sativa that originates in Jamaica. It had won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2008 hands down, and bagged many awards and accolades in past. 

Enjoy the Haze Flavour

The lovely haze flavour is something that’s taken the whole pot population by storm when it was first deduced. It has intense and quite sharp fruity taste with a hint of citrus flavour too. The aftertaste is quite earthy that is a mixture of black pepper, incense, and musk!

Balanced Effect

The effect is quite balanced. It kicks off with a sharp indica feeling that gradually carries on to a strong high. It offers a beautiful blend of the best qualities of both its parents and has a typical Christmas tree like shape. 

The flowering time is about 9 to 10 weeks. These plants are capable of growing very tall; the internodes though are not too far apart. The sativa characteristic is visible in the shape of the leaves that are narrow. The formation of the buds is dense. The calyx to leaf ratio is also quite high. The stems are long and leggy and the buds have a gold tinge with the shade of log. 

They can be cultivated effectively in both, outdoor and indoor environment. They grow best when the EC hydro systems are high and there’s organic setup. When they are cultivated in soil rather than hydrophils, the plants spectrum of terpens develops better, delivering a nice citrus flavour. When given sufficient amount of space, Haze Feminized cannabis plants can grow really high. 

The level of THC is more than 22%; this can get some of the most experienced pot smokers to have a psychedelic experience. 

They also have medicinal properties like reducing pain and stimulating appetite. The flowering period is less than 10 weeks, and in one cycle, it can produce about 800 grams a metre square. 

So, give it a try to these lovely Haze Feminized seeds, and enjoy a great harvest!


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Absolutely perfect

First time grower and all 5 seeds sprouted. Got rock hard buds with great smooth taste, very relaxed and happy feelings

, on 09/18/2022

Seeds germed overnight

4 out of 5 of my seeds germinated in less than 24 hours...i have them in starter pots now!

, on 05/17/2020

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Haze Feminized

Questions (16)

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Donnie Johnson: "Do you have any information on the best way to dry and cure weed?"

High Supplies: Yes, please check our grow guide for advice

Eugene Parker : "How many seeds do you get"

High Supplies: 5 seeds per order.

Brandon Ferrell: "Is 800 g per sq meter correct for the feminized Haze strain?"

High Supplies: Around 350 grams per plant

Philip Sheridan : "I’m look for some old school uptown haze from NYC is this the way to go"

High Supplies: Yes !

Ed: "At top of web page it states Flowering time after 50-55 days. In the About section, it states flowering time is 9-10 weeks. What's the difference in each meaning? Is it 50-55 days vegetative and 9-10 weeks flowering?"

High Supplies: No, just an indication

Chris: "Does this haze have that metallic, incense-like smell and taste to it? Some describe as basement..."

High Supplies: Yes.

Verd: "Looking for strains that do best in indoor growing. "

A1: "You say above in one ov your answers that this is the original haze from back in the day but the flower time is listed as 50-55 days wich is 7-8weeks, even if we add on another 20 days at most becase sometimes plants can take longer your still talking just under 11 weeks at most. Is this worked from the old nl5haze as the flower time for what is called original haze was always descrbed as being 12-16 weeks. If its not nl5haze would you be able to tell us the make up of the line."

High Supplies: This is the original haze.

Clifton Sitz: "What is average yield for haze fem ?

High Supplies: 250 grams per plant.

Clifton Sitz: "What is the best plant for starting in June in south Texas,USA ?"

High Supplies: All grow well there, they need water!

David James: "When is the best time to grow these "

High Supplies: Outside, in spring.

Zip: "Can you grow this strain out doors ? "

High Supplies: Yes, that is possible.

McCoy Turner: "How is shipping to US"

High Supplies: In white plain envelope

Sun : "Is this the same haze around back in the days ..has a basement church smell to it"

High Supplies: yes, one of the first ones

Bryant Copeland : "Is it possible that some of my Haze seeds could be auto flowering?"

High Supplies: it should not be autoflowering, but the days are getting shorter..

joao: "Is it a difficult strain to grow indoor? I have never planted any strain, I was looking for a strong sativa, with short flowering period and good for indoor growing, which strain can you recommend me?"

High Supplies: for beginners we advise to use autoflower seeds:

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Haze Feminized

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