Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):45
Height in cm:40 - 50 cm
ClimatCool / Cold
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Lowryder Autoflowering

Lowryder is a popular auto-flowering cannabis seed that was actually developed for a very rapid growth cycle in which it transfers from seed to bud in just 8 weeks. 

Just like the name it has a very short height and it is extremely versatile. The cannabis strain is reliable and stable in terms of properties and is product, which is an outcome of many generations of selective breeding; not to mention it is hermaphrodite-free and is non-deviant. 

Lowryder is considered to originate from the Indica superior strains like Northern Lights No.2 and William’s Wonder, plus a very unique and exotic variety called Mexican Ruderalis; this is a cross breed created more than 25 years ago. 

Short Flowering Time

Being an auto-flowering cannabis strain, it straight enters the flowering stage after seedling stage, skipping the vegetative growth altogether. In simple words, when these seeds are planted, they sprout and grow few sets of leaves. After this stage they right away enter the stage of flowering on its own. This is why it is popular for being the quickest, most discrete and most compact cannabis plant available. Its high, taste and appearance easily make it a subject of envy to other strains. Even some of the finest weed types rarely have such strong traits. This autoflowering cannabis seed can be easily purchased from at a very reasonable price of € 30. The seed is also known for its excellent resin production and high potency. 

Taking Care of Lighting Conditions

When these auto-flowering seeds are grown indoors it should be subjected to lighting routine of 20 on and 4 off. These seeds easily finish off after 70-75 days from germination. Sometimes, this may be a period around one or two week longer than many other autoflowering strains, but the yields at the end are much better and the wait is totally worth it. Because of its excellent turnaround time and short size, these weeds are an absolute favorite with urban growers as it is very small to easily avoid any kind of unwanted attention. 

Get the High That You Wouldn’t Have Experienced Before!

The effect of this unique and innovative strain given an instant high unmatched by any other strain and the body stone that the smoker feels soon after makes him a loyal fan of Lowryder cannabis strain. 

Lowryder is the perfect example of how auto-flowering seeds are consistently growing in quality and popularity. 

Breeders know it for a fact that female plants give much better yield and after flowering within 17 days you can find out whether it is a male or not and within 21 days you get confirmation of the plant being a female; this is quite fast and is very helpful for the breeders to plan their harvest accordingly. 

Try the Lowryder 2

Lowryder 2 is yet another popular autoflowering version, which even though doesn’t eat up too much of space it very much fills the growing space after growing fully. It normally takes few days more than 60 days for flowering and is also considered equally good as the original Lowryder. 

As a breeder, it is important to get a high quality seed like Lowryder to expect high quality yield.

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Amazing ????

These plants are a must have people try it and you won't be disappointed for sure it is so easy to produce from try and see !!!!

, on 09/2/2021


Excellent and unfortunately 4 out of 5 seeds disappeared on water. I don’t know which creepy thing was able to eat/swallow all my seeds. Or are the seeds melted???

, on 08/9/2021

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Lowryder Autoflowering

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Jan Stark: "Can low rider be planted outside "

High Supplies: Yes.

Sven Larsen: "Is all seed god for hydroponik ?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Dan a: "Are the low Ryder seeds regular or feminized ?
I need regular"

High Supplies: All our seeds that we sell are feminized.

Tm: "Can u send the package to an address in Holand . And they can resend to another country by dhl ."

High Supplies: Yes, that is possible.

Tk Connections: "Hello , how discreet is your shipping. Well the seeds are going to be sent in there original packing or hiding in some objects . Because if they are sent with there original packing it is not discreet "

High Supplies: Outside Europe they are packed in a noise free package

Tomas: "Hello. Do you send to Lithuania for secret type?"

High Supplies: Yes we ship discreet there


High Supplies: They ship from the US, we ship from The Netherlands --> you get quality seeds by us..

Andy Fritz: "What is the best way to germinate your seed? I’m new at this and I want to make sure I’m doing it right-"

High Supplies: Put the seeds in a glass of WARM water and put the glass in a dark area, after 5 days the seeds are germinated

Chris: "Are all these feminized??"

High Supplies: Yes, all seeds that we sell are feminized.

Tony : "Hi, I was wondering if I can put these in a small green house outside in the garden? I want somthing small and discrete without a hole lot of baby sitting? Will these be fine? I'm in the uk and looking to get going with it around april when it warms up but wi still be abit cold? "

High Supplies: Yes, that is possible, temperature needs to be above the 10c in the night

Josh: "is this for medical or recreational use what do you recommend for recreational indoor grow"

High Supplies: For indoor you can best choose one of these

Patrick : "Thank you for your feedback I’m definitely going to purchase some today, do you have any other auto flowering strains I can try out indoors with just natural light, and also what are your cheapest auto flowering seeds? and do you ship to the uk? "

High Supplies: Here are all the autoflower seeds that we offer

Patrick Blair : "Hi is this the best seed to just leave on your window sill without doing much? I heard that u just plant it and water it from time to time and you don’t even need any artificial lights is this true?"

High Supplies: Every plant need light, but this one can use less light, but the average harvest is also smaller

Christophe: "Will these grow outdoors in Tucson Arizona desert climate?"

High Supplies: Yes, but Pineapple express work better

DARRIN Powell : "Do you ship to the USA.


High Supplies: Yes.

Timmy: "Are these seeds feminized?"

High Supplies: Yes, all our seeds are feminized.

Ean: "Do you stock lowryder #1"

High Supplies: Yes.

Matthew Laming : "What is the life cycle from seed to harvest?"

High Supplies: Flowering starts after 45 to 50 days

John: "How much does it produce and how long does it take from seed to harvest"

High Supplies: Around 175 grams, flowering starts after 55 days

Noah Schutte: "How many seeds do we get per “1”"

High Supplies: 5 seeds per package.

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Lowryder Autoflowering

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