How to Grow Indoor Cannabis Seeds in 7 Simple Steps

Published : 02/12/2015 09:24:23
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How to Grow Indoor Cannabis Seeds in 7 Simple Steps

Here is a gist of what actually must go behind growing indoor cannabis:

Getting the Shelf Ready: Build a shelf that is of a comfortable height for working. Make sure these shelves are equipped with an efficient drainage system. The dimension of the shelves must be at least about 4 feet long in order to fit in standard fluorescent fixtures. The options for the width of the shelf are 24 inches and 12 inches. The gap between each of the shelves must be about 18 inches so there is enough room for growth and air. The height of the shelves also depends on the lighting.  

Adequate Lighting: A standard lighting would mean about 4 foot fixtures of fluorescent lighting that can be available anywhere. They can be hung with hooks and adjustable chains so you can move the lighting as the plants grow. Make sure that the lighting is placed in such a way that it does not attract the attention of a casual onlooker. Cool white bulbs are a quite suitable too. 

Provide Good Drainage and Containers: The standard nursery flats can perfectly fit and are also very easily available. Make sure you pick ones that have a good drainage system implemented in the design. But if you do find plats that don’t have a good drainage system, it’s not going to greatly hamper the growth of the plants, so in the case of unavailability of ones with drainage, a flat, totally blocked tray would also do. It is important that you attach a cooling system to the flats, since the plants require a cool base to grow well. Make sure you keep the flats close to the shelves. 

Keep the Floor Dry: Keep the floor of your dope ‘green house’ as dry as possible though water clogging may not greatly affect the growth. 

Smaller Containers Can Be Filled So That They Fit In The Flat: Make sure that you use a container that is smaller than the standard size. Make sure the configurations will be available. Using red dirt can also help. 

Do Not Make the Soil Too Wet When You Start Off: This is of course self-explanatory, and you just need to ensure sufficient moisture in soil, but not make it too wet.

The Seeds Must Be Germinated: Make sure you buy good quality seeds from websites like You can soak the seeds overnight in a cool place like the fridge (not in the freezer or at a very low temperature). Then place the seeds in a wet towel (do this in a tray under water) and wrap the towel around it. Now drain the excess water. Place it in the cabin and check back every 8 hours to see how well they’re doing and if they are good to be placed in the soil. 

The steps for growing indoor cannabis are very simple and if you follow them diligently, you can be assured of a high yield.

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