Flowering time
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / IndicaIndica Hybrid
Number of seeds5

About Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Marijuana comes in different strains and among them is the Girl Scout feminized seeds. If you will ask around especially cannabis growers, you will learn that this is one of the most popular strains.

Are you looking for the best cannabis strain? Marijuana or cannabis is really becoming more and more popular. It seems that people find this plant really beneficial. In fact, even if this is still not permitted to be farmed in some countries or states, still you will be surprised that there are now more cannabis growers.

What’s so special about Girl Scout feminized seeds?

  • With this strain, you will experience overpowering smell that is just perfect for the buzz that comes with this. For those who cross its path, this is the strain the favored the most.
  • This strain is also great medically because of the fact that this can relieve stress if you are having a bad time the entire week. Not only that this can also address depression or a headache.
  • This might not be the kind that will put you to sleep but it will surely promote that comfort of almost getting there.
  • This strain is 40% indica and 60% sativa.
  • This is definitely a bonafide superior quality marijuana. There is no denying that Girl Scout feminized seeds are the best Californian strain one can enjoy with.
  • You can farm Girl Scout feminized seeds both indoor and outdoor.
  • This type of strain can be harvested after about 55 to 63 days.
  • One of the reasons why this is also one of the most preferred medical marijuana is because of the fact that it has 22% powerful THC content.
  • If you are suffering from chronic diseases, you should have a steady supply of Girl Scout feminized seeds as due to its strong narcotics properties, this strain is simply perfect.

For those who are not aware yet, marijuana is now used medically thus this also called medical marijuana. As what is mentioned, it comes with different types of strains and most of the time, their effects will depend on them.

If you are a first-time cannabis grower though, you should first familiarize how to grow this strain in the most efficient way. There are so many online tips you can easily find and you can also check out some online forums.

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Worth every pennie

Bought 10 femized seeds 5 of which was Girl Scout cookies from High Supples and all 10 popped and are growing beautifully. Very happy and impressed.

, on 10/9/2019

can't wait

the last grow was amazing can't wait for shipment!

, on 10/6/2019

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Questions (26)

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Chris Koucouthakis: "Hello, I plan on purchasing the following 3 strains;
"Purple Power" and this will serve as my sativa dominant strain, "Blueberries" which will serve as my indica dominant strain, and "Girl Scout Cookies" which is close to a 50/50 hybrid so that will ensure that I have a strain for all occasions, my only question is this, I noticed while reading about this strain and 1 of the others and it said it's only in veg for about 55-65 days, I live in California and I plant my crops outdoors in late April or early May and they usually harvest in October, I like to grow very large plants and get big yields so I prefer to stay away from auto flowers because I like to keep my plants in veg from May until late August which is when flowering usually begins and the flowering lasts 50-60 days always leaving me with a great October harvest, do any of the 3 I want to purchase automatically flower? Or do they tend to flower faster than usual? I just want to make sure that I can germinate the seeds in late April and harvest in October, I like to veg for sometimes a little more than 90 days and then the flower stage usually begins in August and harvests in beginning to 3rd week of October. Is there anything that would keep any of these 3 strains from growing from April until October? Thank you.

Chris Koucouthakis"

High Supplies: Outdoor is best from April until October.

Giorgi Bukhrashvili: "You can sended in cyprus? "

High Supplies: yes we do.

Kay bailey: "Can I buy just Stativa seeds."

High Supplies: yes you can

Steven L Braun: "California cool on shipping? How long on typical delivery ?"

High Supplies: Shipping to the US is around 20 days.

Christopher Geruc : "How much thc in plant. It's not cbd is it"

High Supplies: no, it is not a CBD plant, but nebula is:

Eric: "When y’all ship the product can you tell from the package that it’s seeds for marijuana? or it looks like a regular package? "

High Supplies: it looks like a regular package..

Noah: "What does the feminized Girl Scout cookies yield on average per plant indoors? "

High Supplies: 400 grams per plant

Brady Walker: "Do you ship to Montana?"

High Supplies: yes we do.

Allen: "Do you ship to Missouri "

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Eli: "Do you ship to Arizona?

High Supplies: yes we do

Ajay mills : "Do y’all ship to Alabama "

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Zaaron: "Can u ship to Iowa "

High Supplies: yes we do.

Annie: "Hey- Are you able to post to Australia? Cheers"

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Petar : "Hey guys, what's about shipping that sweet thing in Croatia? Is it secure? And why is it packed in that cardboard/plastic thingy? Is there any other way than this, because it's too strange to have that in letter package?"

High Supplies: you can choose for registered post, that way you can always see where your order is.

per: "går denne plante i auto blomst.

mvh. per "

High Supplies: nei, bare feminisert plante

per: "går de i auto blomst og hvordan kan jeg se når de kan høstes"

per christensen: "how much you get one plant

High Supplies: 350 - 450 grams per plant

Davi: "Is it posible to ship this product to Brazil?"

High Supplies: yes, but it is on your own risk

Ben: "Hey guys do you ship to Norway how secure is shipping. "

High Supplies: Yes, we ship to Norway, all orders arrive.

Ossama: "You do ship to Qatar ? And did you shipped to Qatar before??"

High Supplies: no, we do not ship to Qatar

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

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