Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):42-50
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Northern Light x Shiva Feminized

Northern Light Shiva feminized is a perfect choice of seeds if you like sweet taste and a buzz feeling lifting you up to a relaxed state of mind.

Northern Light Shiva is a dominant Indica and Sativa kind that has all good features of them both.
She grows up to a medium height plant with a medium flower to leaf ratio what gives this kind a promising look, hardly fails because of it's strong properties of mould and disease resistance.
Northern Light Shiva strains are also often used for medicinal purposes to help relief pain of all kinds, sleeplessness or stress.
The buds grow dense and long covered with a beautiful layer of shiny crystals; because of the tightness they get that fluffy look.
As she develops buds the sweet fresh smell fills up the air around it and
when the buds are properly dried the smell will keep it's sweetness that only gets stronger through the process.
Smoking the buds tastes just as sweet with a subtle flavour of hash that this kind is famous for.
As the smoke enters your lungs the smoke is full, sweet and after a few hits you'll find yourself on the runway towards a high feeling and a great body buzz.

Northern Lights x Shiva is the cross between Northern Lights from Afghanistan and Shiva from Indian Himalayas, creating amazingly pungent sweet buds with plentiful THC. 

Offers You the Very Best of Shiva and Northern Lights

Both its parents are valued as high quality hash-forming plants in their respective nations of origin. With an exotic aroma, this timeless classic clone is a relatively easy one to cultivate. It preserves the good characteristics of both its parents. As an additional benefit, it retains the typically subtle odor of Northern Lights when blooming.

Highly Resistant to Molds

This feminized strain grows to medium height with average flower to leaf ratio, thus giving it a promising appearance. It is hard for a cultivator to fail with this variety due to its strong disease and mould resistance properties.  

The buds are quite large and solid, covered with a gorgeous layer of shiny crystals. The denseness and firmness with which they are packed give them a fluffy appearance. As the buds develop, they radiate a fresh and sweet aroma, filling up the air around. 

When puffed, the smoke is spicier than that of Northern Light with a largely strong body high and more complex flavor. The overall effect is pretty energetic rather than being incapacitating!

 The taste is just as sweet with a subtle hash flavor, which is the main highlight of this strain. 

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation under the right growing conditions.

Besides the sweet taste, smoking this variety gives you a great body buzz and high feeling after a few hits. 

When the buds are dried properly, the smell and sweetness get even stronger. 

It is used for medicinal purposes for relieving all kinds of pain, stress and sleeplessness. 

Northern Lights x Shiva feminized seeds are the right choice if you need an uplifting buzz and sweet taste from your cannabis!

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Great service!

Received in Michigan in just 12 days. Second time ordering from High Supplies, very satisfied with the first order, can't imagine this order will be any different. Thanks for the prompt service.

, on 07/11/2022

william h.

haven't received yet, almost 30 days now.. hope soon...

, on 01/21/2022

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Northern Light x Shiva Feminized

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Gabriel Souza: "Do you deliver in brazil?"

High Supplies: Yes we ship there.

John: "Do you deliver to Australia"

High Supplies: Yes.

Jamiel: "Do you ship to NY?"

High Supplies: Yes.

john: "Do you ship to KY"

High Supplies: Yes.

Gary Germoni : "Will Northern lights grow well in the Northeast?"

High Supplies: Yes, they will grow good there.

Buzz buzz: "What is the lowest temperature in which can survive
I ask because it can be grown in winter maybe i live in a warm climate"

High Supplies: You can store the seeds for 2 years in the fridge

Mr: "How much is the expected yeild and what is the thc "

High Supplies: around 350 grams per plant

Scott Allen : "Does this do well super cropping and sog"

High Supplies: Yes this one has.

Scooter da rapid rooter : "Do I just place seed in rapid rooter and place under my light on vedge?"

High Supplies: Put the seeds in a glass of WARM water and put the glass in a dark area, after 5 days the seeds are germinated

Scott Allen : "Do you by any chance sell canna-fem reversal spray? Can ship to US if so?"

High Supplies: No, we do not have those.

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High Supplies: Yes.

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And as a beginner can you recommend a growing guide."

Hessica: "can i grow it outside my house and do you ship to floruda"

High Supplies: Both: yes

Justin: "I am growing Northern Lights/Shiva and am a beginner. How long should I keep in vegetative stage? I am 4 weeks in and growth is great. I'm working with a 36"×20"×62" tent and just transplanted into a 3.5 gallon bucket under 600W LED lighting. "

Pete: "Do you ship to Missouri and how long is the time period from seed to harvest?"

High Supplies: Yes we do, after 70 days

Camille Peri : "What is the strongest strain of seeds"

Niz: "Are you shipping in italy
And how much the one plant do quantity? "

High Supplies: Yes we ship to Italy / 300 grams per plant.

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Northern Light x Shiva Feminized

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