Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):45
Height in cm:120-150
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Big Bud Autoflowering

Big Bud autoflowering is a very quick grower like all Autoflower should, this makes it easy to plant and grow and the variety of Big Bud is just an excellent choice.

Big bud autoflower originally developed in Netherlands is a perfect combination of big bud and unknown ruderails. It is said to be the largest yielding strain in the market.  With the prominent characteristics of the Indica strain, it is very famous and is in high demand in the market. You can purchase top quality cannabis seeds at the High Supplies seed bank, and grow it yourself too.

Physical qualities 

Its leaves grow wide and big, and the huge buds grows along the side of the leaves. It reaches the height of 60-95 centimeters. It has a bushy and squat appearance, and its buds are enormous, tight and compact. Big bud autoflower takes 9-11 weeks before harvesting, and has an astonishing yield up to 65 grams per autoflower plant.

The best harvesting period for big bud autoflower is mid June. It has a very prominent pungent skunky smell. It has fruity and sweet flavor, which is highly enjoyed by all its consumers. High supplies are one of the main dealers of this strain. In spite of its high demand in market, they offer quality seeds for very reasonable prices. 

Conditions required 

It is more preferred to be grown outdoors to avoid pests and diseases. It does not go well in humid climatic conditions, as big bud autoflower plant is prone to molds on its leaves. Therefore, it is better to take care of it before this happens. In general, it requires northern cold climate for best and quality production.  If you need any assistance with growing them, you could also contact customer support of High Supplies seed bank for assistance.

Big Bud Autoflower is the same as the normal variety but in a much smaller version of its big brother, also very easy to maintain because she'll automatically starts the flowering phase without having to pay attention to the amount of hours of light she is getting.
Indica dominant what means the leaves grow wide and big and the enormous bud mainly grows alongside the head branches.
Of course bud also appears on side branches so make sure they won't break.

As the big bud emerges keep an eye out for mould or other disease, the thickness of the bud is sensitive for that.
The buds of Big Bud AF smell fresh with a citrus scent and when you consume her it tastes fresh but also spicy and medium sharp on your throat.

Sharing many qualities with sister Skunk automatic, Big Bud keeps the flowering period short. The sparkling juicy buds and short bushy indica structure reminds of WSS Skunk. It has sweet lemon taste and high, due to 20 percent sativa element. 

It can be grown indoors and takes usually 6 to 7 weeks to flower, after the seedling stage isreached. The plants grow short, small and the whole cycle completes within 60 days. 

It is easy to grow both outdoors and indoors and plants can reach up to 65 - 100cm height, making it a perfect choice for growers with low fences or ceilings. It comes under the class of super auto flowering seeds yielding massive crops. 

It is cross between original Big Bud and another high yield auto flowering genetic. Though it grows short, it has incredible auto yielding capability, making it an ideal choice for commercial gardensand sea of green. 

It produces strong physical pot with a fruity, sweet taste. The plants are usually grown to larger height than the standard auto flowering strains and buds will be compact and tight.

It grows into a beautiful and compact plant; due to the oversized, fat calyxes, the buds are usually heavier and bigger than the standard Skunk automatic strains. Since it’s Indica-dominant, it is the best choice for gardeners, using Screen of Green or Sea of Green cultivating methods.


It relaxes you body, helping you get rid of any kind of pain and stress. It leaves you with an extended high, relaxing your entire body and mind. It is mainly used by people to cure pain and insomnia.

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Awesome product

Love these autos they are pretty easy to grow and good yield.

, on 07/31/2020

Well received

First I doubted receiving the seeds. But thankfully they arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for your professional help and anonymity.

, on 06/17/2020

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Big Bud Autoflowering

Questions (22)

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Mick: "How much dose it yeild"

High Supplies: 175 grams per plant.

Dude: "When do you recommend starting these in California? Should I plan for about two and a half months start to finish? Thanks"

High Supplies: Works best with good sunlight

Domonique : "Do you ship to the US?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Brian Vanwyckhouse: "I am a novice and just ordered. do they come with any type of instruction to point me in the right way?

Eweezy420: "If I order to be shipped to US.. Do the goods ship from the US or another country?..."

High Supplies: We ship from the Netherlands

Dre: "Do it has a stank pack"

High Supplies: No, inside is sealed

Kenny: "Are you guys trustworthy "

High Supplies: Yes we are, do not worry, we guarantee your order.

alan: "do you ship to texas"

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Tom: "Do you deliver to Florida? "

High Supplies: Yes we do.

James Lizama : "Do you guys ship to Guam?"

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Walter Bernard: "I am new to growing and I know very little about it. Should I try this strain outdoors or look for another?

High Supplies: Yes, you can use this strain very good for outdoor.

Mark: "Hi. Will it grow in Brazil? And also, how does the privacy politics work when u need to send it to countries where it is not legalized, as in here. TY"

High Supplies: Yes we ship to Brazil, seeds are also legal now in Brazil

Roy Bentley : "Will this grow well outdoors in southeastern ky"

High Supplies: Yes very good also.

Larry R Miller Sr: "What is price of 5 of the big. Bud seeds in America currency.
With virus going around how long do it take before I can receive my Ofer?"

High Supplies: $ 39
Shipping to the US is temporary around 27 days. (normally 20 days but delay with corona virus). Contact us when you did not received the order after 30 days, do not worry, we guarantee your order.

Tristan : "Would this grow ok in Michigan? Semi humid and hot summers "

High Supplies: Yes they will grow well there.

Russell Williamson: "How does auto flower seeds do outside

High Supplies: they do very well, only less weed because the are much faster ready to harvest

Jada Campbell: "How long would this strain take to fully grow from start to finish ?"

High Supplies: flowering starts after 60 days

Ray Wells: "What is THC"

High Supplies: above the 17%

Shannon: "I live in Oklahoma where the weather is humid and hot
I would like to grow outdoors. Would this strain be ok?"

High Supplies: yes, it will work just fine

zoar: "I flushed my auto bigbuds with sledghammer fox form.i think i flushed to early all the tricomes are fogi wight no amber all the leaves after 2 days went redish yellow what can i do.
Thanks verry much"

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Big Bud Autoflowering

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