Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Super Skunk Feminized

Super Skunk feminized is a very popular Skunk variety and has all good qualities because her genetics lie within the first Afghan and Skunk 1.

Super Skunk grows very well indoors with constant conditions but due to her Afghan strain qualities she can handle a little stress or less weather conditions when grown outdoors.
By now you may know that Super Skunk is a well improved version of Skunk 1, for example the yield is much higher same as the effect you get from consuming her buds, especially skunk lovers were happy with this one!
Te buds grow thick with golden brown hairs and resin covers it from top to bottom.
When the flowering period begins she starts spreading the scent we may all recognize as typically Skunk and even smoking these buds will take the skunk lover down to memory-lane.
The influence of Afghan is noticeable when you consume the buds; the typical high body buzz has Afghan written all over it and stays with you for a longer period of time.

Super Skunk feminized seed is a high-level cannabis hybrid strain; it is the result of the cross between the inbred, and highly resinous Skunk 1 with classical Afghani hash plant. It was introduced to the cannabis world in 90s and soon, won many cups due to high, best mostly-indica genes. It offers an easier method to develop world-class, finest-quality cannabis.

Super Skunk is one of the most successful crossings in past twenty years; it has won several trophies soon after its launch and even today, it is still considered as favorite among expert or professional growers and smokers alike. It grows quite fast and would be near perfect in its production and size. One can grow this one to get rewarding yield of sticky nugs, without putting extra effort. The smoke from this feminized seed can never let you down. It is quite powerful and effective and a small quantity can kick out extreme pleasure when smoked. 

Known as all-round performer, Super Skunk feminized seed is one of the top hybrid strain for connoisseur or commercial growers. It always lives up its super potent, best vigorous, and great fragrant reputation. The feminized edition is remarkably excellent when cultivated from seed, producing mostly-female plants that exhibit regular bud formation and consistent structure from time to time. With little maintenance and support, it builds crystal-covered, colossal colas in greenhouse or indoors, and even outdoors under sunny, warm climate. 

When it comes to growing or smoking, a majority of votes go to Super Skunk feminized seeds. Being the upgrade of famous Original Skunk, it has equal sativa-indica properties that make it to flower at the earliest, thereby producing incredible harvest of highly powerful bud. The tiny leaves can produce dense flowers and buds that offer smokers greater potency and extremely strong high.

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White widow

This is some fire supply y'all have back to buy more

, on 03/30/2020

best prices

been searching online and they have the best prices

, on 03/29/2020

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Super Skunk Feminized

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Nikki Porter: "Which seeds is the best ones"

High Supplies: Depends on what you like, taste, smell, high etc

Joshua: "These aren’t cbd right?"

High Supplies: No, you get HIGH from these ones..

Niclas Bergqvist : "How long does shipping to sweden take?"

High Supplies: Between 4 and 12 days

Kj: "How long does shipping to Ohio take?"

High Supplies: Shipping to the US is around 20 days.

Melinda Allen: "How long do they take to grow buds?"

High Supplies: Flowering time after : 50 - 55 days

Clayton : "Do you ship to Kentucky


High Supplies: Yes we do.

Diego Dts: "Qual tempo de entrega ? Meu pedido foi confirmado dia 13/12/2019.
Enviado 16/12/2019."

High Supplies: Brasil tem entre 25 e 40 dias

Veronica : "How many buds will these amount of seeds be able to produce? "

High Supplies: 150 grams per plant

Paul Czarnick: "Does High Supplies sell Mixed Seeds ?
I would like to get about 5 Seeds but all Different "

Randy: "Do you ship to South Dakota?"

High Supplies: yes we do.

Hollywood: "Do you ship to Georgia US"

High Supplies: Yes we do.

Buddy: "Do u delever to srilanka??"

High Supplies: No, we do not ship there.

James Yong: "Problem with payment bank doesn't know why? Thanks"

High Supplies: if you have visa card, make sure that international permission is enabled and 3d secure is activated on your card

Alejandro Jaramillo: "Is it difficult to grow this strain."

High Supplies: just normal

Phil: "Do you ship to Brazil?"

High Supplies: yes we do.

David: "How much will one plant yield in Kentucky "

High Supplies: depends on the light and nutrients for the plant

CAROLYNNE MIDDLETON: "Do you ship to Australia and how much for shipping."

High Supplies: yes we do. shipping is 7 euro

Charlie : "How tall and yield will I get in east Tennessee "

High Supplies: 150 grams per plant

Ralph Gleeson: "I have skunk and oh kush I just started please tell me how cold it can get before trouble happens...thank u.."

High Supplies: below 10c

Amira williams: "How long is shipping to Illinois? Can I pay extra for expedited shipping?"

High Supplies: Shipping to the US is around 20 days, we do not offer expedited shipping.

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Super Skunk Feminized

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