Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50-55
Height in cm:100-140
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Northern Light Feminized

Northern Light feminized is a tasty and well advanced kind that has all positive properties to gain a fine looking yield, a true satisfaction!

Northern Lights feminized is a wonderful strain and is very popular, she has been crossed many times but only for the better.
A pure Indica with all its good characteristics from taste to effect makes this lady also wanted for people who suffer from stress, pain and anxiety.
Northern Lights are a medium tall grower with wide leaves growing bushy all around while the buds concentrate mostly around the side/head stems.
The buds grow in a fluffy texture with a thick layer of resin that is really sticky and smells wonderfully sweet and fresh.
The taste when being smoked is a lovely mixture of citrus and musky pine what makes it more attractive to consume.

The Northern Lights holds a prominent position in the list of cannabis plant genetics in today’s world. The parentage of Northern Lights traces back to the west coast of America; it was derived from as many as eleven varieties of seeds. And, all these eleven different strains were hybridized, bred, inbred so many times and so much over the last few decades that the exact origin of genetics is still a mystery and is not really explicable. Yet, the Northern Lights continue to be the base strain cannabis of a number of award-winning classics in the history books of cannabis. 

Indica-Dominant Strain

As per some cannabis experts, the Northern Lights was an Indica exclusive plant that had its origins in Afghanistan, but some from the 11 original plants are said to have their origins based in Thailand. This strain is mostly indica-dominant hybrid yet contains a good amount of sativa in the structure of its leaf. 

The plants grow as tall as 1.2 meters if grown indoors but if grown outdoors, they reach up to the height of 2 metres. The sativa characteristic can be spotted in the thin and long leaves and internode spacing that is wider. You can sense the afghan heritage with nuggets that are dense and covered with resin that can be seen all over the plant as well. The plants also produce a bud that is gigantic in size.

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100% organic growth

60 days with indoor growing and now 3 days in flowring and looks healthy as ever.

Only compost dirt and plant dirt used with some organic neutritions.

, on 12/5/2021

Thank you

Got my seeds after 3-4 weeks in Norway.

Plant is looking healthy and good. Super excited!

, on 10/13/2021

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Northern Light Feminized

Questions (21)

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DON D MARINELLI: "are these autoflower? only asking cus in questions area you claim seed to harvest 70 days?"

Mason Johnson: "What do you mean by "Cola""

High Supplies: it means bud, we changed it now so that is clear for everyone.

Leslee Star: "What is the thc content?"

High Supplies: Above the 20% thc

Jj thomas: "About how long does it take indoor northern lights to grow and finish from seed to harvest"

High Supplies: Around 70 days in total

Patrick Wojciechowski: "Will u get any kind of plant with real good purple genetics"

Landon Horlak: "Will you guys get Forbidden Fruit Seeds?"

High Supplies: Not at this moment

Zerma Davis: "Where is this company from?"

High Supplies: We are located in the Netherlands

Artis Flanagan: "What is the best way grow northern lights strain indoors from seeds ?"

Christopher : "Are these feminized auto flowers or feminized photoperiods"

High Supplies: No, these are only feminized, these are autoflower also:

William Thatcher: "Hello, can your seeds be shipped to the United States? (Specifically Nevada?)"

High Supplies: Yes we can.

Chris Coon: "Is this easy to grow for beginners?"

High Supplies: better use the autoflower version, that one is easier

Joe: "What % of indica to sativa ratio is your guy's Northern Lights?"

High Supplies: 95% indica

Chris: "Will it grow in Kentucky "

High Supplies: Yes they will grow well there.

Larry : "Will the Northern light outdoor feminized grow in zone 3? Will the northern lights outdoor feminized grow in vermont."

High Supplies: Yes they will grow there

Scott : "Will this grow in region 6A?"

High Supplies: Yes it will.

Richard : "Can it be grown in U.S. zone 9?"

High Supplies: Yes.

James Bollinger: "THC rating for your northern lights feminized"

High Supplies: above the 17%

Joseph Gasbo: "Are the seeds guaranteed to be females ?"

High Supplies: yes.

Joseph Gasbo: "approximately how long are the seeds guaranteed for after I purchase, It's still summer but the end of it, will they be good if I planted say march 2020 ?"

High Supplies: you can store the seeds for 1 year in the fridge.

Ashraf: "this weed is grow up after how long"

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Northern Light Feminized

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