Preparing Soil for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Published : 11/28/2014 10:08:31
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Preparing Soil for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

It is highly crucial to research and get things ready ahead of time. When you want to grow marijuana, the first thing that you need to decide is whether you want to grow cannabis organically using soilor hydroponically. It is more common for growers to use soil for cannabis cultivation. Such growers should know how to prepare soil for growing cannabis like Original Highway Delight outdoors.

Selection of Soil

Soil is one of the most vital factors involved when cultivating outdoor cannabis. Ensure that the soil you choose for growing the plants is abundant with necessary nutrients and appropriate pH level. Select the outdoor space where you want to cultivate your garden. The chosen spot should get enough of light and should be adequately spacious for proper air circulation. 

Cleaning Up the Space

Once the area where you would be growing marijuana is selected, clear the space properly. Pull out all weeds and unnecessary plants. Get rid of big stones and other useless things around. Make use of a gardening tool (example-rake) for tilling the soil as this can make the process faster and easier.  When you are done with this, begin to dig a hole that is around a feet deep and wide so that it will act as a soil bed for planting few marijuana seeds. 

Working on the Soil to Make it Suitable Enough

Work on this soil so that it becomes suitable for planting. This is the right time to add the soil nutrients that you have bought. It is crucial to add nutrients if the soil does not already have the essential nutrients for the growth and development of the plant. Usually, the soil nutrients will come with the instructions printed on the pack, so you can follow the guidelines while adding them to the soil. 

Create Beds

Prepare as many beds as needed depending on the number of seeds you wish to sow. Ensure that the seeds are left with minimum 2-inches of space between them as this is essential so that there is no problem when they begin growing roots and take more space. As the cultivator, you need to have a rough idea of the amount of how big the plants would grow so that you can sow the seeds with adequate gaps between one another. 

Maintaining Cleanliness

 You have to till the soil often so that the roots get to breathe properly. Further, there are chances that dried leaves from other plants may fall on your cannabis garden, so you need to take essential steps to clear them away to maintain orderliness and cleanliness of your setup. 

Sowing the Seeds

Once you have prepared the soil and got it ready for cultivation, you can sow the seeds that you have bought. You need to remember to always buy seeds from good seed banks that supply high quality seeds like Ensure that you water the plants on a regular basis and provide all the other essential good growing conditions for your plants to grow healthily.

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