Flowering time
Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Type:Feminized seeds
ClimatTemperature / Continental
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

About Afghan Outdoor feminized

Afghan Outdoor feminized seeds are well known all over the world because of their strong Afghan properties. Afghan Outdoor says it al, very suitable for outdoor growing and the up-side from this strain is that they are mold and disease resistant.

This property makes them very suitable to grow in cold and moist weather conditions because your crop won't be too much affected.
Grown outdoors they can get very tall with long resin filled almost loose fitting buds that give them a fluffy look.
This resin promises you the famous couch-lock effect and after a few puffs you might as well move your butt from the couch straight into bed.
Afghan Outdoor has an earthy smell and has that typical and recognizable strong taste.

Afghan outdoor feminized seed is a pure Indica variety that produces 350g of bud per plant and can grow up to 40 to 50c in height. With 10-15% THC level, it produces a strong buzz when smoked. It has big fat buds and fat leaves and though it does not have many crystals, it has smooth, rich hash-like smoke. It usually will be bushy, producing large amount of sticky buds. Despite harsh weather climates, it produces a sturdy, stocky bud. 

This resistant cannabis plant is considered to be a very strong weed with a chunky stem system. It can be cultivated either outdoors or indoors. The leaves arelarge, and round shaped, covering the stem on the whole. After eight to nine weeks, the plant develops steamy, big resin-filled buds. 

The female feminized seeds contain flower or bud with good level of THC that makes it useful when smoking. It is suitable for novice growers, who want to do organic cultivation or grow in small garden-like areas, such as shed or closet. The seeds often start to bud after one month of planning; the capacity of producing 400-500grams/plantensure super-fast and high yield harvest. 

Great Resistance

If you are looking for a resistant seed, which survives for a long period, then Afghan seed is the best choice for you. The best part of this strain is that it flourishes healthy, though you do not know how to properly cultivate cannabis plants. Over water or under water, over fertilize or under fertilize, Afghan plant will survive. 

This pest-resistant cannabis plant is considered for medical usage as it is great for relieving pain and stress. offers best quality Afghan feminized seeds at affordable prices. The strain has been selected by top breeders and we ship seeds in crush sealed envelopes.

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Afghan out door

My under leaves are yellowish and humidity is good shall I cut them or expose to more sun pls I am also treating with neem oil as I had bugs

, on 05/29/2021

My growing experience 10/10

I got the seeds shipped in 2 weeks during prime covid in July of 2020 while I had to wait almost 2 months with seedsman. I planted my first Afghan outdoor in my greenhouse late in the season and it smoked and smelled the best out of the rest of my plants (autos and bag seed photos) but only produced about half an ounce due to its late start. I’m now in my 5th week of flowering indoors and I wish I could post pictures. She was the smallest of my 2 other strains during veg but is now my biggest plant that’s almost my height (5’7 feet, I’m American lol). Btw I live and had my greenhouse in the Sonoran desert, so these bad girls are pretty resilient to extreme heat. The smell is so sweet and the bud structure seems to make it easy to trim compared to my other kush strains

, on 05/12/2021

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Afghan Outdoor feminized

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johann scicluna: "I have an afghan outdoor who was doing verrrrrry good unfortunately latley I noticed white spots on leaves and I am treating with neem oil but the bottom 2 leaves are turning yellow and moist is good shall I cut them pls "

Dylan: "do u ship to Indiana and what is a good high yielding plant with good thc content "

High Supplies: Yes we ship there, you can try Big Bud feminized seeds

Chris: "Do U ship to Australia? "

High Supplies: Yes.

Kenny carter: "I planted my afghan. Outdoor. Weed in january. Harvest in september?

High Supplies: Depends on when the days are getting shorter

Chris: "Do you ship to New York State?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Larry: "Can you suggest a high-thc content plant, that needs low-maintenance, that will grow well OUTDOORS in HAWAII?
Thanks "

High Supplies: Try Pineapple Express seeds

Joseph M Ginanni: "Do you ship to Illinois"

High Supplies: Yes.

Jerry Tomkinson: "I'm looking for a high producing, feminized strain that does NOT autoflower until I say. My previous tries produced very small plants."

David alexander: "Do you send seeds to va.allso do you sale seeds cheaper in bulk rate like 50to 150 seeds

High Supplies: Yes we ship there. We do not have bulk rates yet, but compared to our competitors we have already good prices.

Jean: "Can you recommend a good outdoor seed that is invigorating but does not increase appetite? "

High Supplies: Lowryder autoflower seeds

EM: "Can you grow it in an incubator inside? If so, will it grow the same as it would out doors?"

Mark: "Do you ship to Michigan?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Bob Hsrt: "What is minimum order?"

High Supplies: 1 order is minimum = 5 seeds

Bartholomew Gauci: "Good morning, do you deliver to Malta EU
Thanks "

High Supplies: Yes we ship there.

Malcolm Lanius: "Do these need a pollinator?

Do they produce seeds that
can grow more"

High Supplies: No, we only sell feminized seeds so with only our seeds you will not get seeds

Sasha Harmon: "Do you guys ship to miami florida? if so how long would it take currently? and how discreet is packaging?"

High Supplies: Yes we do. With track and trace around 14 days, package is 100% discreet.

Payl: "Will this grow outdoors in South Carolina ?"

High Supplies: Yes.

Pat waldrop: "Will these seeds make female plants?"

High Supplies: yes, because the seeds are feminized.

Rich: "Do you ship to florida"

High Supplies: Yes.

Ernie : "Will this plant survive a early frost. "

High Supplies: No frost for the plants.

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Afghan Outdoor feminized

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