Top 5 Outdoor Growing Cannabis Seeds

Published : 05/12/2014 14:54:43
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As a grower, you should understand that each of the cannabis strains differ from one another and not all of them would seed your growing area in the same manner. 

Various aspects and conditions affect the growth of a seed in a particular region; not to mention there always are issues with the neighbors and authorities when you decide to grow cannabis outdoors. Let us get started with our list of top 5 finest quality outdoor growing seeds available in the market. 

  1.  1. Purple Power Seeds: This is one of the most popular purple strains and its popularity is mostly attributed to its sweet taste, and strong effect. Thegrowing plants in your garden area would be a treat to watch thanks to its unique, attractive purple looks. It is one of the most dominant sativa strains that easily grow in outdoor conditions as these strains are mostly developed for coping with even cold and moist weather conditions. You can orders Purple Power Seeds at discounted prices on


  1.  2. Early Bud: This strain is extremely popular with both novice growers and seasoned commercial growers alike. The F1 hybrid almost guarantees an outstanding result under all types of favorable and unfavorable climate conditions. It is also known to grow easily with different soil qualities. The strains are very resistant to cold and mold and growers have been easily growing Biddy Early strains even in some of the colder countries around the world. 


  1.  3. Super Skunk seeds: If you want to grow something that gives a mild and soothing effect on the brain and a strong and typical weed taste in your mouth then Swazi x Skunk seed is the strain for you. The F1 strain is predominantly a Sativa. Under favorable weather conditions these strains can grow in an excellent manner with long and tall sticky buds. The plants give an earthy odor that everyone likes and some even find a cigar smell from it. 


  1.  4. Critical: This seed is mostly recommended for indoor growing but off late many commercial growers have grown it outdoors to receive excellent results. Being an Indic dominant, Critical is the perfect hybrid strain, which lies somewhere in the middle of a Skunk, and a string Afghani. Though it provides very thick nugs, it doesn’t grow taller than 1 meter. And, the best part is that it has a short flowering period of just 7 weeks. 


  1.  5. OG Kush: Even though it is not one of the oldest seeds, this outdoor seed is already considered as a legend in the business and is a hot favorite amongst the commercial growers across Europe. It has already been a big hit amongst the growers in United States, but now it is proving its mettle in other parts of the world as well. Commercial growers consider it a sin to not have OG Kush in their growing area!

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