Beginners Yielding Guide for Outdoor Cannabis Growth

Published : 01/8/2015 15:57:14
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Beginners Yielding Guide for Outdoor Cannabis Growth

Cannabis can be grown with a high output level when the plants are well taken care of. Outdoor growth means, it will need a great deal of care especially with regard to climatic conditions, fertilizers, soil, amount of water for watering etc. They would also need to be protected from tornados during the winter, early spring, heavy rainfall etc. 

Outdoor growth can also be tough, when it comes to ground water level uniformity, especially if the rain/snowfall has been considerably low. If the ground is dry, there is a need for a constant water supply, since most cannabis requires a good amount of water especially in the sprouting stage. 

Here are a few tips that will help you get a much higher yield than you can ever expect:

The Timing: Even before there is a drastic climate change, make sure that the plants have started off growing indoors or in green houses right after the stage of germination during the months of February and March so that they can be taken out for planting during the months of April and May. There are outdoor growers who can start early by planting the plants as early as December; but April would be ideal. Make sure you pick up good quality seeds

Transfer the plants out at appropriate time: There are many strains of marijuana that grow outside which get confused because of the improper daylength, when they are put out right before the visible light duration which can be about 14 hours long. If this happens, there is a good chance that the plants will now know that it is a “grow phase”. These plants will then start pre-flowering and this can completely ruin the growth of the plant. When they are put out during the months of April, the plants recognize the weather of spring as spring and will gradually grow into the weather. 

Let us now look at some points that adhere to particularly to certain outdoor plants: 

Lemon Skunk: This very popular variety of plant can be increased in popularity. They must be harvested about 7 to 9 weeks into bloom and get a peak taste, aroma and THC. This is a much preferred plant that is quite strong in essence and gives a good high per ounce of produce.

Grape Krush: These plants originate form Blueberry and have an extremely strong smell therefore it is crucial that you know where you plant them. This happens especially when the young plants are loaded with nutrients and heavy fertilizers. This instigates the plants to get very weak. One of the strangest plants, they take about anything between 10 minutes to half an hour to feel the effect. You would need to harvest then on the month of September or October in almost all locations with a max of around 10 weeks during bloom. 

The Dutch Passion: The sprout of the seeds can be done during the early May and a harvest can be expected around August. 

Good care and appropriate amounts of water and fertilizers can assure a good harvest and once you get a hang of it, you can also experiment with breeding.

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