Top 10 Outdoor Cannabis Seeds in the Market

Published : 03/18/2015 09:37:48
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Top 10 Outdoor Cannabis Seeds in the Market

Here is a top list of best outdoor cannabis seeds; you can choose any of the below, depending upon your growing conditions and other aspects. These can be grown successfully in greenhouses as well in open air. Outdoor plants tend to grow larger than indoor strains, and hence if you are cultivating in greenhouse or garden, it has to be circumvented by pruning. The climate condition also impacts the results and if you reside in extremely scorching weather conditions, you might have to grow multiple times a year.

Purple Power Seeds

It is one of the widely used purple strains, due to its very sweet taste and strong effects. It is a real joy to observe this seed, thanks to its gorgeous purple looks. It has major sativa properties over indica and is suitable to grow outdoors as the strain has been designed to resist less weather conditions, such as cold and moist. If you’re looking for a great tasting yield, then it’s an excellent choice for you. 

Biddy Early

It’s very popular among commercial, more experienced, and beginning growers. The impact of this seed is so powerful that it can give positive results in any environment conditions. It is resistant to cold and moldand hence used in nations with colder climate, such as Netherlands. 

Frisian Dew

It’s a cross between purple star and super skunk and is one of the top quality strains. It has a beautiful color display and small leaves. It is one such hybrid that has light purple color, very high yield, and not susceptible to mold. 


It is an amazing and perfect outdoor strain for commercial growers, which will not grow bigger than 1m in height and is widely cultivated in warmer climates and summers in Italy or Spain, where over 100g per plant of harvest can be obtained.

Hollands Hope

It is hybrid of skunk and afghan, which originated in early 80s to deal with colder climates. It is less illness or mold sensitive that make this seed more suitable for outdoor breeding. It has even Indica property alongside CBD and THC level.

Guerillas Gusto

Best suited for guerillas growers, it can cultivate well in colder climates. If you’ve no option to grow marijuana in field or forest, then this seed is the answer. 

Early Special Seeds

It is a disease resistant outdoor seed, having healthy properties. You can also grow this indoors, as it is not that tall. The effect of this plant is comfortably high. 

Original Highway Delight Outdoor Seeds

It can withstand moist weather and lower temperature that make it perfect for novice growers. The CBD and THC levels are very high that make it widely popular amongst smokers. 

OG Kush

Used by both smokers and growers, it can produce a great yield in most environments. It tastes and smells like fuel, offering incredibly strong high to the smokers.

Swazi X Skunk 

It has great taste and under good weather conditions, it can grow very tall. It has typical sativa effect and is mellow and energetic.

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