Cannabis outdoor growing

Published : 11/5/2013 15:15:30
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Growing cannabis, most of us love to do it.
There are a lot of reasons why you could choose to grow, some need fast money and turn to commercial growing where they can make a certain amount of money within one year.
Others are recreational growers who enjoy to watch the whole growing process and smoking the buds in the end, the so called recreational growers.

Commercial growers often turn to indoor growing for several reasons like the stable environment indoor growing provides, safety is also a big reason because if you're a commercial grower you risk having your enormous crop being stolen outdoors.
If you depend on financial income you could be loosing a lot of money in just one day.
Personally i prefer recreational outdoor growing.

I compare it to the difference of riding an automatic car or manual car, of course riding the automatic car is easy and stable but the manual car needs your hands, knowledge to clutch and full attention to get you where you want to be.
I love following the process like germinating my cannabis seeds, watching the plants grow and the euphoric feeling i get when i singlehandedly defeated a plant from disease or mold.

The things you can learn from outdoor growing is priceless.
Outdoor growing brings risks as well but that mainly has everything to do with changing weather conditions and the effects from that, especially when you live in a country where it's often cold and wet outside.
Besides taking the challenge there is an answer for that !

Thanks to dedicated breeders throughout the years there have been strains developed especially to withstand those bad weather conditions, good examples are Hollands Hope and Afghani Hindu Kush.

These strains are also very suitable for indoor growing but their ability to withstand cold and moist weather are excellent.
So before you buy and germinate cannabis seeds just try to find out what strains are suitable for the environment you're able to provide.

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