Top 6 Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Commercial Purposes

Published : 03/30/2015 14:49:25
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Top 6 Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Commercial Purposes

Over the last ten years, it has been seen that feminized seeds are slowly and steadily taking over a larger share of the cannabis market. The feminized seeds are basically created for breeders and not for growers. They are indeed a great tool to produce cannabis in the most efficient and effective way. 

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

The whole concept of growing feminized seeds is very simple and basic, but it does make a lot of difference in the market. Feminized seeds of both kinds, indoor and outdoor, ensures that the space dedicated to grow it is utilized in the most efficient and productive way. 

Feminized seeds also extend great safety to the guerrilla growers by lowering the number of visits needed to the field. It is now proven that the feminized seeds are equally good as the regular seeds so as to make mother plants. It is also clear that the feminized seeds showcase greater uniformity of the product on a large scale basis. The buyers can buy feminized seeds online at with great ease and at reasonable rates. Here are our topnotch feminized cannabis seeds that can be used for commercial purpose. 

Amnesia Feminized Seeds

The original amnesia seeds are exceptionally productive and yield powerful effect. Amnesia is basically the creation of a Dutch breeder. It is popular for being a sativa, which grows just like an indica. These seeds are highly productive, have strong effect and are of manageable height. They taste similar to sweet sativa, which is much sweeter than several Haze hybrids along with a brutal amount of crystal resin. 

Cheese Feminized Seeds

These seeds produce a plant with larger buds. It has higher smell and taste, but the high remains the same. Cheese marijuana is very dominant with deep earthy flavor. 

K2 Feminized Seeds

The effect one gets by using these seeds can only be described as lovely with a hint of soothing numbness. This plant is very easy to cultivate due to its strong characteristics. This plant yields a perfect bud, which is a joy to experience. K2 can be grown indoors even in the most limited space. The after smoke effect of K2 is somewhere in between getting high with a great over-all body buzz. 

Misty Feminized seeds

It is possible to grow the plant outdoors under stable and desired weather conditions but it is at its best when grown interiors. It results in a skunk musk aroma with great high. 

Ice Feminized Seeds

Ice feminized seeds are spectacular and exquisite cannabis hybrid. The dense marijuana flowers of the plant are covered richly in trichomes and the buds that occur along the branches have dense flower to leaf ratio. These seeds result in heavy stone effect and an aroma, which is very much like fuel aroma. 

Blue Mystic Feminized Seeds

The plant of these seeds is with soft blue hues that results in a berryish aftertaste. It tends to be neutral smelling while it’s growing. The looks of the plant are very much similar to northern lights.

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