If You Are Into Marijuana, Why Not Try White Widow

Published : 03/21/2018 16:11:13
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If You Are Into Marijuana, Why Not Try White Widow

Have you heard about the endless marijuana strains that today adorn the fields, homes, clubs and resorts of the rich and the not so rich consumers? The names themselves induce plenty of potent highs but let us not play around with them.


The White Widow Wonder

White Widow is an unlikely name for a marijuana breed maybe but carries a clout and a world of meaning! Brazil, Netherlands and Kerala in India are believed to have contributed to the genetic makeup of this wonder weed, a mixture of indica and sativa, the two original strains anyway. So you have it there in a nutshell! Puff away to immense glory if you will, vape it or eat it too in tasty snacks. Indica relaxes while sativa elates, a two in one lethal combination envied by users everywhere. 

Originally wild marijuana

Commercialization is the name of the game with hot items like marijuana. If you went to the Himalayan hills, you would find wild marijuana growing all over like the wild dogs for instance or horses for that matter. Generations of growers have refined the stuff through selective breeding and nowadays through genetic manipulation and organic farming. 

Are you really in search of psychedelic highs? Citrus and pine flavors dominate as taste matters too when the smoke spreads across the consciousness. Smoking is not compulsory though but that is how it all started. 

White Widow Feminized is awesome too among the several strains within the species. The appearance of crystalline snowy coverings for the leaves is strikingly widow like with the promise of fierce highs. What is the origin of the name, you might ask. Crystal white trichomes characterize the immensely high THC levels in the plant and looks can certainly kill. White Widow is a champ too many times over with all the awards bestowed on this unique plant species. 

Grow the stuff yourself

Where does one procure it? Do you have the patience and the motivation to grow your own stuff, a highly desirable alternative but watch out regarding local laws? Make sure to step on the legal side. Considering all the villainies and crime that exist today in the name of pot, growing your own would be good. Websites supply seeds, at least the honest ones along with sane advice regarding growing like the seasons, the size and the potency. Discreet packaging reaches every corner and buyer identities are never revealed. 

The last word for marijuana lovers the world over is undoubtedly high-supplies.com and they promise to keep you thoroughly updated and quite high. Marijuana is no longer illegal in the common eye but is proved to have outstanding medical qualities. Unlike what everybody thinks, marijuana has branched out into several shapes and sizes and this profound website would put you in the know.

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