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Blue Dream Feminized

High-Supplies Blue Dream Feminized Average rating: 4.95, based on 32 reviews
Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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  • How long does it take to ship to the USA?

    Usually 20 to 25 days.

  • Do you ship discreetly?

    Yes, we ship 100% discreetly

  • How Long Can You Store Cannabis?

    Overall the shelf life of Cannabis seeds is around 2-3 months without losing THC Potency. If you follow the right storage method for your cannabis harvest, then your cannabis retains potency for the storage period. However, if you keep it under room temperature beyond 6 months, it continues to lose its strength due to various environmental factors.

  • Best Selling Cannabis Strain?

    The best-selling cannabis strain is dependent on the location and what cannabis strains are in production in that area. However, some strains that continue to gain international recognition for their benefits include Afghan Outdoor feminized, WhiteWidow Feminized, BigBud Feminized, OG Kush Autoflowering, and its hybrids, among others.

  • Which Seeds Are In High Demand Throughout The Year?

    Due to the increased interest in cannabis and its beneficial elements, cannabis seeds are taking over the market. From feminized cannabis seeds to hemp seeds, individuals are experimenting with various seeds to identify which is more potent, better benefits and which does better in regards to where to cultivate and grow cannabis seeds.

  • What's The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor-Grown Cannabis?

    Outdoor-grown cannabis is resistant to changes in the environment and can withstand extreme weather issues. These include strains like Hollands Hope, Blue Berries, Northern Light Shiva, etc. Indoor-grown cannabis, on the other hand, is fragile, and controlling the weather is paramount for high yields. These include strains like  Amnesia, White Widow, and Bid Bug. Outdoor-grown cannabis can survive indoors, but indoor-grown cannabis may find it difficult to survive outside. 

Plant information

Low Medium High
Flowering time
Flowering time after (days): 60 - 70
Height in cm: 200-300 cm
Type: Feminized seeds
Climat Temperature / Continental
Sativa / Indica Mostly Sativa
Number of seeds 5

About Blue Dream Feminized

Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or a total newbie, you've probably heard of the strain Blue Dream before. Originating in the West Coast in the early 2000s, Blue Dream has quickly become one of the most popular cannabis strains in North America.

Beloved for its euphoric high, Blue Dream has a distinctive "woodsy" smell and a sweet flavor profile. Although we don't know much about Blue Dream's origins, one thing's for sure: this strain is here to stay.

Let's take a closer look at the hubbub surrounding Blue Dream. Below, we'll explore Blue Dream's many features and explain the basics everyone should know before growing this dreamy strain at home.

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds General Info

Blue Dream is officially classified as a sativa-heavy cannabis hybrid. Usually, the sativa to indica percentages are set at 60:40 or 70:30, which helps give Blue Dream its unique euphoric, non-dulling effects.

We don't know for sure, but most cannabis lovers believe the Blue Dream strain originated somewhere around Santa Cruz, CA. One thing we do know, however, is that Blue Dream grows well under Santa Cruz County's weather conditions.

Before we get into more details on Blue Dream, however, we should talk a little bit about this strain's genetics.

Blue Dream's Genetic Legacy

Blue Dream's momma and poppa are the indica-dominant Blueberry and the sativa-dominant Haze. Both of these strains are readily available in cannabis shops, and many people use them on their own for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Famed cannabis cultivator Daniel John Short (aka D. J. Short) is responsible for creating Blueberry way back in the days of disco. Recently, this strain was awarded the prestigious Cannabis Cup in the Best Indica category and it remains a favorite of cannabis users who prefer soothing indica plants. This high THC strain has an extremely fruity aroma and taste...much like blueberries (duh). Medicinally, people have used Blueberry to help them with issues like chronic pain and anxiety.

The sativa-heavy Haze strain also has a long history in the cannabis industry, dating back at least to the 60s. Like Blue Dream, most cannabis historians believe Haze was first developed in or around Santa Cruz County. On its own, Haze tends to have an extremely energizing effect on users. As for taste, Haze users say this strain is very woodsy with just a bit of a kick.

Blue Dream's Appearance And Smell

No, Blue Dream doesn't look like a blueberry…because that would just make too much sense, right? When you get this highly coveted cannabis in your claws you'll notice this weed has some serious froth going on. Yeah, those THC trichomes are bursting out of this green gloriousness like a teen's acne-laden face. You might also notice a few orange and brown streaks around Blue Dream that compliment the plant's overall deep green color.

But even more than Blue Dream's fine frothy appearance, this strain will really do a number on your nostrils. If you used to pick blueberries when you were a kid, then get ready for your Proustian moment! In addition to that strong blueberry aroma, you might also notice a complex mix of floral, woodsy, and citrusy notes.

Blue Dream's Effects On The Body

So, what should you expect when you take a hit of Blue Dream? Well, the one word that almost every Blue Dream smoker uses is "euphoric." But what does that mean?

Let's return to Blue Dream's qualities for a second to help clarify its effects on the body. It's important to note that Blue Dream is THC-heavy. When you get those nugs in your hand, you'll notice huge THC trichomes all over the place. It's not uncommon for Blue Dream to have a THC content of about 25 percent and only about 1 percent of CBD. So, yeah, this strain is going to get you pretty high.

The quality of Blue Dream's high, however, is quite interesting. The energizing qualities provided by Haze are slightly subdued by the Blueberry strain. This makes Blue Dream superb for people who need help with mental clarity and focus (e.g. ADD sufferers). Indeed, many artists find that Blue Dream's effects help them overcome creative blocks.

Medicinally, Blue Dream has been used effectively for the following conditions:

• Depression

• Fibromyalgia and/or general fatigue

• Chronic pain

• Headaches

Blue Dream is not the best strain for people who want to use medical marijuana as a part of their cancer treatment protocol or for sleep issues like insomnia. The most common side effect of using Blue Dream is dry mouth.

Is It Difficult To Grow Blue Dream?

Not only is Blue Dream lovely to smoke, it's also a dream to grow at home. If you're a newbie to the cannabis-growing world, then Blue Dream is a superb place to start.

Usually it takes about 9 to 10 weeks for Blue Dream to grow into a mature, high-yielding plant—provided it's in good quality soil. When we say high yielding, we're talking about 650 grams per m2 indoors and up to 900 grams per m2 outdoors.

Although you could use a hydrotropic system to grow Blue Dream, you'll get the most out of this strain if you plant it in high-quality, nutrient-dense soil. Organic soil will already have countless beneficial microorganisms (and in some cases nutrient-rich amendments) that will help naturally facilitate nutrient absorption.

If you're growing indoors, expect this plant to grow to a height of about 150 – 200 cm. Outdoors, Blue Dream could grow as tall as 300 cm. Sativa plants naturally grow high, but Blue Dream is prone to getting weighed down due to the weightier indica buds. For this reason, it's important to regularly prune your plant and use a trellis to support its growth.

Not only is Blue Dream high yielding, it's also extremely forgiving. You could make a few mistakes along the way and still end up with a great plant. Although this plant's preferred temps are between 65°F and 85°F, Blue Dream is quite hardy and can handle a few cold nights.

Oh yeah, and it's best to use your feminized Blue Moon seeds with either SOG or SCROG methods.

What To Look For In Blue Dream Seeds?

The best way to get the most bang for your buck cultivating Blue Dream is to invest in the best-quality feminized seeds right off the bat. Using pre-sexed seeds will save you a ton of aggravation in the growing process and provide you with the highest cannabinoid-concentrated Blue Dream plant.

As with any other strain, give your Blue Dream seeds a good inspection before you decide to purchase them. Healthy seeds should look dark with a few white or grey streaks. As you press these seeds in your fingers, they should feel firm but not brittle. Please don't buy Blue Dream seeds that are white or green and/or feel squishy because these are way too young to be planted in soil.

Grow Some Beautiful Blue Dream Of Your Own!

So, if you're looking for a classic cannabis strain with a fruity flavor and an energizing-yet-mellow psychological effect, Blue Dream is the strain for you. Thankfully for home growers, Blue Dream is one of the easiest strains to grow both indoors and outdoors. Check out our catalogue below and buy your Blue Dream feminized seeds today!

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Blue Dream Feminized

High-Supplies Blue Dream Feminized Average rating: 4.95, based on 32 reviews