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The Best Reasons to Buy Feminized Amnesia Seeds

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The Best Reasons to Buy Feminized Amnesia Seeds

Feminized seeds have always been the main choice in seed varieties for growers, as they allow the production of female plants. Farmers no longer need to worry about the removal of male plants from their plantations. However, we must remain vigilant even with feminized seeds. Among the cannabis growers who prefer feminized seeds, feminized Amnesia seeds have become a reference to date. Here are some reasons to understand why this variety is so popular among growers all over the world.

A cross between Northern Lights and Haze

Created by a Dutch producer, feminized Amnesia has a powerful and productive effect. This hybrid is a cross between the Northern Lights and the Haze and has become a bestseller for several years in Dutch coffee shops. It is popular because this sativa possesses the growth qualities of an indica. Amnesia feminized offers an abundant harvest with super effects and has a reasonable size.

Cultivate it naturally

To hope to reach the maximum potential of feminized Amnesia, you will need high quality lamps and high electroconductivity. If you are looking for superior quality, it is best to grow it naturally and outdoors.

She is faithful to her name

As its name suggests, Amnesia refers to a loss of memory, what you experience when you consume this plant. With a taste of sativa, Amnesia is sweeter than hybrid varieties from the Haze, but it produces a large amount of resin. The fragrance of this variety is similar to the Super Silver Haze with a slightly more acid taste. The strong, fresh smell of this plant strikes you very quickly and gives you a powerful brain effect. This is why it is one of the favorite varieties of experienced smokers.

It is all the rage among the admirers of Haze

The feminized Amnesia is a very strong plant and one of the favorites among Haze admirers. Consumers should be careful and use it with respect, because with an extremely powerful effect feminized Amnesia can cause black holes when consumed.

Why do farmers like it so much?

Feminized Amnesia is a popular variety of cultivators, which can be grown easily and quickly, especially in northern Europe where the climate is particularly suitable. When growing indoors, you can harvest up to 80 grams per plant and up to 600 grams / m2 if you control the entire production chain. To obtain an abundant harvest, it is preferable to obtain the seeds from the reputable distributors. In addition to quality, you will find the seeds at great prices. It takes about 30 € the pack of 5 seeds of Amnesia feminized. To harvest

The maximum, we must give ourselves the means to have good conditions during the growth of the plant. It is by offering excellent conditions to the plant that you will be able in a few weeks, to make a very nice harvest.

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