Insight into 4 of the Best Selling Feminized Seeds

Published : 10/28/2014 14:48:22
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Insight into 4 of the Best Selling Feminized Seeds

More number of male chromosomes present in the seed stops it to grow as female. For cultivators, who need easy and quick cultivation method, feminized cannabis seeds are the best choice. With feminized seeds, it’s easy to determine how many plants to cultivate and germinate. With such type of seeds, cannabis farming has become much easier. 

Have a look at the products offered by; the seeds are sourced directly from top marijuana seed breeders, making sure that they’ll grow into heavy-yielding, vigorous, and healthy plants. 

One advantage here is that you don’t have to remove the unwanted male plant. Most seeds turn into female plants, offering high yield for both professional and inexperienced growers alike. 

Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

It’s a cross between super silver and Cambodian haze; it has a large percentage of sativa property than Indica. It is possible to optimize this seed for increased yields and potential growth. The smell is musky with peaches and roses underneath. It has spiced pepper and flower undertone taste. The effect of Sativa is so much that it leaves a stronger impact on the mind than the body. The overall feeling is good, where you can enjoy a sense of creativity, relaxation, and euphoria. It is great medicinal seed that helps you to relax your mind. It can cure migraine headache, chronic pains, insomnia, and relieve stress as well. Many users believe that it has better result than the pharmaceutical drug. 

Loved by Everyone due to high THC Levels

It is used by top-notch smokers, due to high THC content; its popularity is growing in the smoking market. The invention of this seed took place in California during early 70s and later it got noticed in Europe and Holland. It can grow into large plants both indoors and outdoors. The flowering period is usually 12 weeks and it can be cultivated in a variety of arrangements, such as hydro and regular soil. It can produce 70-80g/plants under the right growing and lighting setup. 

Cheese Feminized Seeds 

It grows into a more controlled plant with bigger buds; the taste and smell of the plant can be improved and stays for really longer period. It has a very dominant, deep earthy flavor. It is known for its knock-out body stone and earthy Indica-based taste that boosts mental energy.  

K2 Cannabis Seeds 

Resistant to mushroom and mould, it relieves stress; the seedlings are healthy and strong. The buds are firm and tight with a pungent and strong aroma. The big dark green leaves, bushy plants lead to dense bud formation. The season to harvest this seed is the month of October.  

Super Skunk

Currently, is providing a pack of 5 seeds at a discounted price of just € 30. By purchasing this item, you can collect up to 3 points, which can be converted into a voucher of € 1. The highly resinous Afghani plant, pure-bred has extremely strong high.  It has a balance of both indica and sativa properties.

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