Feminized Seeds and Spotlight on Some of the Most Recommended Product

Published : 02/22/2015 14:31:44
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Feminized Seeds and Spotlight on Some of the Most Recommended Product

 For those who want to growcannabis plants to great lengths and get high yields, choosing feminized seeds is the best choice, as it produces female plants.

https://www.high-supplies.com/en/ has been dealing with top seed breeders and their products generally offer high success rates. Most commercial and large scale operators use feminized seeds, as it is readily available and most effective. As of now, High-Supplies.com is offering best quality and fresh feminized cannabis seeds at discount price. Their seeds encourage the production of seeds, which will develop female off-spring. Some of the best-selling products are listed below. 

Citral Feminized Cannabis Seeds

It’s a cross between large Skunk and stable citral female; the fruity and sweet genetics and great producing ability make it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The equal blend of indica and sativa can reward you with powerful and sweet smoke, and philosophical, physical high. The pyramid shaped buds, heavy flower and thick resin coating delivers a high with drifting and mellow lift. It has 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica quality that yields 600-700g/M2, and it has short eight to nine weeks of flowering period. 

Citra strain is a hybrid of Super Skunk and Pakistani variety. It has mellow herbal taste and long hard buds, offering a high yield. It grows pretty tall and produces large scale of harvest under lighting. Despite higher indica elements, it offers interesting cerebral high. The smell is so refreshing that it lasts for long. It produces high yields with strong properties and excellent taste. 

Original Highway Delight Feminized Seeds

It’s one of the strongest outdoor seeds, which can survive lower temperatures. It’s a strong, short plant, producing wide dark leaves. The physical high and cerebral good THC content takes nearly 8 weeks to flower. The time to harvest this strain is in September. It grows like a typical X-Mas tree and the buds have a fluffy look, offering extra delectable appearance. The well dried buds offer highly energetic numbness that lingers on through mind and body. It’s easy smoking, offering very relaxed and comfortable feeling. 

California Orange Bud 

This evergreen product from Californiahas been around since twenty five years. It has smooth and mellow effect, best suited for those looking for light smoking feeling. It comes under the category of plants that is easy to grow and quick flowering. The skunk genetics are outstanding, very stable, and highly potent, which grows well in outdoors and indoors, in any type of growing conditions.It’s easy to grow, cultivating huge levels of thickbud covered with beautiful and crystal orange hairs. The smoking is cerebral and uplifting and suitable for those craving for active lifestyles. The exceptional taste is sweet, citrus tone blended with ripe orange and nectarine. 

Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The regular Durban seed is crossed with Northern Light that has aroma of berries. Imported from South Africa, it has 100% sativa element. The taste is sweet aniseed and has fast hitting effect. 

These are some of the best-selling feminized seeds for stable, easy to grow, potent, and high yields properties.

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