Your choice of marijuana seeds

Published : 10/31/2013 15:21:13
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Cannabis cultivation has existed for over 1000 years and due to decades of passage, the development of new strains and experiences nowadays there are many different varieties of cannabis available.
I can not imagine how difficult it can be to determine which strain of cannabis you prefer.
There is a lot of difference in taste, density bud, smell and do not forget, the effect that is the most important aspect of using cannabis.

Before you start to buy cannabis seeds, it is best to see what you prefer in the effect and taste as well as the dynamic conditions that you can provide.
If you have little space to grow Autoflower-stumps are a perfect solution, Autoflowers come from a cross with Ruderalis not poular and was developed in a fragrant THC filled small plant and they need only half the time to Cultivation and flowering compared to normal cannabis strains.

If you have enough space to grow outside that you can use all sativa, Indica and autoflower strains, outside in the ground is always good because then the roots can take up all the space they need To provide a solid base for the plant.
If you want to relax and fall asleep, you can get an Indica strain like Big-Bud or White Widow, its yield is surprisingly high relatively large buds.
If you need a little creative influence with a cerebral strains highly feel like Amnesia Haze and are perfect, the taste of Sativa varieties is recognizable thanks to the sweet spicy scent the buds spread, it is also the taste.

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