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Germinating cannabis seeds

Growing cannabis of course always begin with germinating cannabis seeds, it sounds really easy and in fact it is !
There are several ways of germinating seeds and each grower has his own favorite way to do it, what works for one person doesn't mean it works just as well for someone else so if you have doubts just try them all at least one time.

Well, for starters you need cannabis seeds, there are a lot of seeds shops where purchasing seeds is easy, order in time because delivery isn't always as fast, it's better to keep them in your fridge for a while instead of the risk of receiving your seeds off schedule.
In this article i will tell you about the most popular way of germinating seeds where you put the seed within two wet tissues.
You can determine yourself when is the best time to start germinating the seeds, when you're an indoor grower it won't matter when but if you're an outdoor grower needless to say you'll have to wait until the weather is starting to improve.

Take two wet tissues whether it is three layers of toilet paper or paper kitchen towels and wet them completely, be careful they don't tear.
Water is one of the elements that benefit the germination, just make sure air is circulating, so don't germinate seeds in air tight places.
When you pick up the seed it is wise to wash your hands, just to be sure to keep it as sterile as can be, invisible acids and dirt on your hands could mess up the germination.

Place it in between the two wet papers and fold them together, after that you can place it all on a plate and put it somewhere where you can keep an eye on it easily to see if the root is becoming visible.
After one or a few days you'll see the root, as soon as you se it it's time to plant it in soil, dig a small hole with your finger, about half a centimeter deep and place the seed, root down.

This must be done VERY carefully because the little root is vulnerable and damages easily !
Now it's a matter of days before the little plant starts to appear above the ground, be good to it and she'll certainly be good to you !