Premium Marijuana Seeds: How to Check the Quality with Tried and Tested Methods

Published : 12/30/2019 13:39:04
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Premium Marijuana Seeds: How to Check the Quality with Tried and Tested Methods

Getting your hands on quality marijuana seeds can sometimes be more than you bargained for, learn how to check your seeds early to get the most of your crop. 

Growing plants from seeds is no easy task. Starting with high quality weed seeds can definitely help, but the investment can soon turn sour if you don’t check the quality of your products early and keep a close eye on them as they grow. 

Having the right soil, lights, planters, and set up are all necessary to growing the best crop around, but without the right marijuana seeds, your whole process is bound to get nipped in the bud.

Ordering Quality Seeds 

Ordering premium marijuana seeds online is often the best way to snag seeds that are designed to produce the high quality crops you most want. Choosing a well reputed distributor is the best way to ensure that your seeds will not only grow, but that they’re actually housing the genetic information to produce the crops you want. 

Knowing a bit about the seeds you’re planning on sowing is without question the first step in creating your ideal crop, with the right strain and optimum yield. If you just fish out any straggly weed seeds from your current bag, your bound to get stuck with the wrong plant. Or a male, which could cause an entire crop failure. 

Stick with us while we break down everything you need to know about proper cannabis seed selection, before you start spending money. 

Sativa Seeds 

The sativa strain is known for is super energetic body high. The sativa strain contains more than 500 different compounds, 113 of which are cannabinoids. High in THC and a bit lower in CBD, these plants often produce a strong, heady high. Sativa strains are thought to stimulate creativity and promote a sense of well-being. While these strains can sometimes prove to be a bit intense for some, their high THC concentrations make them ideal for treating moderate to severe pain, reducing nausea, and stimulating the appetite. 

Many of the synthetic THC derived pharmaceuticals focus on sativa strains. The plants they produce are often as massive as their effects, with Sativas capable of growing in excess of six feet tall. Making them less than ideal for the indoor hobbyist grower. Because of their big and bushy plants, Sativas often require more nutrients and water, as well as stronger light sources. 

Indica Seeds 

Where sativa is often viewed as super stoney, Indica strains have a very yin effect to Sativas yang. Rich in CBD and still holding on to a decent amount of THC, Indicas often produce a euphoric body high, trapping the phrase “Indicouch”. Owing to the different concentrations of photochemical, terpenes, and cannabinoids, Indica strains offer a completely different experience from that of their Sativa cousins. Indicas are often used to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and sleep disturbances as well as help to reduce inflammation and treat seizure disorders. 

Indica strains are ideal for the in home gardener. With shorter and bushier characteristics, Indica strains are much easier to cultivate from cannabis seeds. Even their leaves are in stark contrast to Sativas, as Indica’s foliage is fat and deep green, and often much more present than the leggy sativa. Indica strains have shorter flowering periods and aren’t quite as temperamental with care, making them a good choice for the novice grower. 

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds create exactly the plant that you would assume: a hybrid. Depending on what hybrid you’re looking at getting, you can expect to find Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and balanced seeds. The dominance of the hybrid can help you to better expect what the effects of your buds will provide. 

Because, regardless of dominance, each hybrid strain has a bit of both worlds wrapped into one plant. With indica-dominant strains giving you that heady and relaxed feeling with an energetic vibe. Or Sativa-dominant providing a heady high without the paranoia. The individual combination of photo chemicals, terpenes, and cannabinoids affect each user differently. So the only way to really know which strain will compliment your body chested best, is to give them a try. Often times, hybrids will grow according to their dominant strain or be stuck somewhere in between the growth patterns of a sativa and indica. 

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are ideal for a first time grower. These seeds require far less attention and time than other types of cannabis seeds. What sets them so far apart isn’t just their diminutive size and smaller yields, but the intensity of their high. Often indica dominant plants, these little guys can offer you the perfect harvest in half the time. 

No need to adjust light cycles or spring for a fancy grow setup, autoflowering marijuana seeds are specifically designed to be low maintenance. Which makes them perfect for anyone who wants to test out their green thumb before plunging it into expensive soil systems. 

Feminized Seeds

Regardless of strain, feminized seeds are the only choice for any grower who doesn’t plan on creating their own brand of hybrids. Feminized seeds take the guesswork out of growing. As any green gardener knows: a male plant can easily destroy an entire crop of budding females, should they pollinate with one another. This is why learning to sex your plant early and checking them often is a must. 

While purchasing feminized weed seeds doesn’t guarantee females 100% of the time, it’s definitely close enough for comfort. Naturally, marijuana seeds have roughly a 50% chance of producing a male plant, and destroying your crop. Even if these plants don’t make it to fruition, you’ll still need to uproot any male that crops up. Meaning that any money you paid out for bud producing plants goes straight into the compost bin. Feminized seeds have roughly a 99% chance of producing a female plant and giving you a full crop. 

Look & Feel of Cannabis Seeds 

Perhaps the easiest and best way to figure out if the seeds you have are any good is just by looking at them. Yep, that’s right, it really is that simple. Good quality marijuana seeds have a very distinct color and feel. Healthy seeds will display a dark and rich color, often swirling alongside of lighter grey and brown tones. Giving it a tiger stripe appeal. 

These healthy seeds will also be firm and robust. Placing the seed between your forefinger and thumb and giving it a little squeeze can often give you a good idea about the quality of the info inside. If the seed stays firm and doesn’t crack or break, you have yourself one fine and healthy seed. Poor quality marijuana seeds will break and crumble between your fingers. This often has to do with inappropriate seed storage, or seeds that have far passed their prime. 

Light colored or green seeds are probably a bit too young to actually produce any decent genetics in a plant that they might produce. So if you’ve got one that resembles a frog, forget kissing that prince and put it back. 

Super healthy and appropriately aged seeds will have an almost waxy outer layer to them. If you put them under a bright light, you’ll see a bit of a sheen. You can also give them a light scratch with your fingernail to see that the coating is there and intact. 

Quick Cannabis Seed Checks 

There’s a few quick checks that you can perform outside of just looking at your seeds. Some of the other predessesing qualities beside the look, feel, and distribution of your seeds can include inquiring about how they were stored and when they were harvested. 

If you’re still not sold on the quality of the cannabis seeds you’ve been given, there are still two more options available to you: The Float Test and Germination

The Float Test 

To give your seeds a test with some scientific flare, simply fill a drinking glass with clean, fresh water. Spring or distilled water are definitely preferred, as the nutrient concentration and pH of tap water can sometimes harm every the healthiest of seeds. 

Once you’ve got your glass filled, drop in your seeds. That being said, make sure that you only use the cannabis seeds that you plan on germinating immediately after conducting this test, and floating your seeds will prime them to grow- meaning that further storage of these seeds won’t go well.

Wait a few hours before you preform your final check on the seeds that you’ve dropped into the glass. This ensures that seeds with solid genetics inside have had all the time they need to soak up that life giving water. After about two hours, any seeds that have sunk to the bottom of the glass are good to go and begin the germination process with. Any floaters should be discarded as they’re unlikely to germinate, and even if they do they probably won’t produce decent buds. 


Perhaps the only true and fool proof method of testing to see whether your weed seed will indeed become a plant is to germinate it. Makes sense- see if the seed becomes a plant. That seems fairly straightforward. This method is generally only used by hobbyists, as professional growers are unlikely to have the time or excess resources to waste on germinating plants they’re not completely psyched about. 

The two best ways of germination are to either use the paper towel method or place your presoaked seed directly into some fertile soil. The paper towel method is achieved by placing seeds inbetween to clean and damp paper towels. Then place the wetted towels and seeds into a translucent airtight container. You don’t want your new found friends baking in direct sunlight, but the container should be able to soak up some rays and a bit of warming radiation. Keeping your seeds warm and in a brightly lit area, you should be able to check on them in a few days. By that point, the best seeds will have sprouted and are ready to hit your prepared soil. 

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