Why Are Cannabis Called Narcotic with Therapeutic Effects?

Published : 12/31/2014 10:12:23
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Why Are Cannabis Called Narcotic with Therapeutic Effects?

It flowers in the season from summer to late autumn. It is a wild plant grown in most of the Asian countries. The Cannabis sativa, cannabis plant or cannabis indica is nicknamed with different terms. Cannabis is banned legally in most countries for recreational purposes; despite this fact, many people are found to be hooked ontoit.  

Medical Benefits 

Many of the indigenous communities around the globe are using cannabis for different purposes like medical, religious and recreational. Many doctors and physicians have been prescribing medications to patients that have cannabis for treating diseaseslike glaucoma, HIV, multiple sclerosis and cancer. It is also known for providing the vim to the heart and its results are proved to be akin to a person who exercises regularly or goes to gym daily. 

It can be Addictive! 

These days, cannabis is banned in many of the countries because it is identified more as a drug. It is psychologically addictive and once people start consuming it, they get hooked to it. It is very difficult to come out of the cannabis addiction. Moreover, addicts of several hard drugs have been identified to be having major health problems. It is known that more than 400 chemicals constitute cannabis.  

The THC Element 

The THC content in this drug is the psychoactive element. Too much of cannabis smoke can adversely affect the blood pressure and other processes and a person can even faint as a consequence of this. People with history of medical problems related to blood pressure or heart should completely avoid cannabis under all circumstances. And, the best way to avoid is to say ‘No’. Things like ‘last-time’ and ‘I will just try’ don’t work in the case of cannabis. One should refrain from it at all costs if they wish to give up the habit of smoking weed. 

Even though countries are considering legalizing cannabis, it does not look like a rational move totally, and there’s a big war raging on social media discussion the pros and cons of the outcome. The psychoactive chemicals can be life threatening in some cases, when consumed in high quantities. 

Weeds Can You Hooked Instantly! 

Marijuana is very easy for people to get addictedto. People may try out of curiosity and then start consuming it very often. In this way, people may then end up becoming big time drug addict of cannabis. Ithas more tar and carcinogens than tobacco. This drug is more addictive than alcohol, amphetamines and tobacco. Cannabis affects the body more than these elements.

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