What Makes White Rhino a World Wide Popular Cannabis Seed Strain?

Published : 01/13/2015 23:14:24
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The result is short plant that flowers densely and gives a very strong stony effect. Its aroma is hashier than what you would otherwise expect from it but the strong aroma easily compensated for with the length and strength of its hit. Growers love the strain as when White Rhino is grown on hydrophonics its yield can be as much as 500g m2 and it also produces great in soil. A short flowering period of just 60 to 65 days makes them even more suitable for the seasoned growers and the beginners. 

The Powerful Indica Characteristics

The strain definitely shows strong indica characteristics like many other “white” strains that are popular. The strong hit that it gives makes it unsuitable for those smokers who like smoking and working on something important because the hit buzzes you nicely and you don’t feel like making a single move. In simple words it is a great strain for getting high on and doing nothing after that for good couple of hours. The F1 hybrid has a high THC content, which also makes it suitable for medicinal purposes. White Rhino most helps ease out body pain problems and stress related issues. 

One of the Easiest to Grow

Despite being one of the simplest cannabis strains to grow, harvest and manage many of the seasoned and novice growers struggle with White Rhino strains just because they end up buying it from sources that are not reliable or trusted enough. It is extremely important to go with a popular cannabis strain supplier like high-supplies.com that always offers tested and high quality strains. Buying White Rhino strains from them can be a smart decision to be on the safer side. Otherwise, it is possible that towards the end of the harvesting season you are not left with as much yield as you expected. 

Using It Carefully

Smokers should be wary when medicating on White Rhino as if they go overboard, this powerful strain can easily run all over the body. The strain is capable of producing extremely high effect and even the most experienced of marijuana collectors have cut back on this one to be in their control. 

People who have been smoking weed from years recommend the new smokers not to try White Rhino right from the beginning. This is an international mix that is known to offer fruity and sweet smell along with a pleasant aroma that tantalize the nose and uplift the spirit. The strain has also won many prestigious awards including High Times Cannabis Cup in 1996. 

Medical Benefits

Talking more about its medicinal effects, White Rhino is also known for offering properties that help in the treatment of insomnia. This is the reason why commercial growers grow White Rhino in huge numbers as its benefits are not just limited to recreation but also medicinal benefits. 

We can safely say that White Rhino is one medical strain that genuinely has got something for everyone and growing White Rhino seeds should always be lucrative for the cannabis growers.

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