What Are the Top 3 Feminized Cannabis Seed Options with High THC Content?

Published : 11/6/2014 13:46:58
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What Are the Top 3 Feminized Cannabis Seed Options with High THC Content?

The amount of the THC content in cannabis decides the strength of the drug’s impact on humans.  

Variations of THC Levels 

The content of this cannabinoid is not the same in all marijuana plants. It can differ based on the variety or strain of the plant, the part of the plant used, how the plant is cultivated, and how the plant is stored or prepared for use.  

Most growers usually prefer feminized cannabis seed strains for the innumerable advantages that they offer. And, feminized seeds with high THC content are especially in great demand today. So, here is a quick list of some of the best feminized cannabis seed strains with high THC levels.  

Aurora Indica 

Aurora Indica feminized seed is one of the strongest feminized indica varieties with a very high THC content. Similar to the regular aurora indica seeds, the feminized version of the plant also remains very short and yields highly dense buds with a hashy, spicy aroma and taste. It works excellently in Sea of Green and good for production of resin. The strong smoke that it produces makes it perfect for a before-bedtime smoking. Medicinally, this strain is good for treating insomnia and hyperactivity.  

Durban Poison 

With a high THC level of 14%, Durban Poison feminized seed is undoubtedly one of the top choices for a feminized strain with high THC. The high THC content is sure to leave the smoker in an energetic high and that usual sativa buzz. It tastes surprisingly sweet and fresh. The buds of Durban Poison are resin-packed, long and large with long and large bud leaves. It has a sweet anise or licorice flavor with a high similar to that of Thai strains. The yield is also pretty high, so growers looking for high THC content from feminized seeds can opt for this strain for its high yield.  

Big Bud 

Big Bud has long been a very popular marijuana strain with amazing yields. These are highly potential seeds, which grow into great plants with a good sign of fluffy looking buds. The superior indica breed has been refined carefully and enhanced steady through several years to the perfection level it has today. This all-female seed strain gives a heavy stoned effect that keeps the smoker in a couch-lock for a long duration. 

Medicinally, Big Bud strain is suitable for treating patients suffering from stress of insomnia. On the whole, it is a great plant with great effects and high yield.  

Try out any of these feminized seed strains and you are sure to enjoy a great yield, especially when you buy good quality seeds from a reliable supplier like high-supplies.com and cultivate the plant under appropriate growing conditions.

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