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Understanding the Aussie Blues Feminized

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Understanding the Aussie Blues Feminized

The origin of this strain is from Australia and it’s suitable to be grown indoors. However, it can also be grown outdoors. This wonderful plant is an outcome of some careful hybridizing between Azura and Boesi which is also known as Duck, and the subsequent plant was fused once more with the Light of Jah.

The Aussie Blues Feminized is a high bushy plant that is appropriate for growing indoors and is specialized for the hydroponic methods. As mentioned earlier, this plant can be grown outdoors as well, but when grown outdoors this can go up to the height of over 5 feet only as compared to the 8 feet height it grows indoors. This is not a plant that is meant for amateur growers or growers with less experience.

This beautiful plant strain, after four selections, is a strong ninety percent Sativa with a nice lemony fragrance and has the potentials of a true winner. It is a real aficionado’s smoke that is highly on demand.

The Aussie Blues is mainly a strain of the Sativa Cannabis, with ninety percent Sativa and ten percent of the Indica genetics. The looks of the Aussie Blues is how a Sativa plant would look like. It spreads out its branches resembling the Christmas tree when it’s fully grown and has tapered leaves.

The strain’s Blueberry heritage could be seen without any difficulty by the blue color of the shoot. However, the shade can be a little bluish-gray rather than a very strong blue like the Blueberry. Aussie Blues or Australian Blues has a medium to high count of THC, which provides a strong good yield. People who have used Aussie Blues have described the high as a classic sativa high. The Sativa high is usually powerful, giggly, uplifting and perhaps even mind blowing.

Though it gives a high, Aussie Blues will never cloud one’s mind and it might possibly make the users a lot more aware of their surroundings. It is however not one of the best plants that can be used to help insomnia, but it is a strain that can make the people who use it feel nice and at times can also be used to therapeutically relieve long-lasting pain.

The reason why it is not a plant for amateur growers although it is not actually hard to cultivate them is because sometimes it might be a little too much to handle. As a result of its ability to rise to a great height, Aussie Blues can surprise the amateur growers and render them helpless to do anything about it. This plant can be grown on hydroponic and soil too if one wants to grow them indoors. However in order to get the lemony taste and fragrance to actually develop it is best to grow them on the soil.