Trichomes and harvest

Published : 11/6/2013 16:01:09
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Cannabis plants , they've been used for centuries to make fibers for clothing or pressed oil from cannabis seeds but nowadays their buds are mainly used for consumption.
Although centuries of cultivating and gaining knowledge have already passed , some users still don't know exactly how to determine when to harvest.
Many growers believe that the buds are ready for harvest when 75% of all hairs have turned from white to brown / orange, this is partly true but most forget to pay attention to the trichomes.
While the plant is in it's blooming phase trichomes will appear in large white quantities, covering buds and parts of leaves which give them a fluffy promising look.
To get a good overview of the very little trichomes , it is preferable to use a magnifying glass or zoom lens because the color of the trichomes tell you when to harvest .
Depending on what color they are and what experience you want, you can easily determine the time of harvest .
If trichomes are transparent the effect and taste is not yet fully developed, it's no use harvesting them because the quality is not optimal.
When they are milky white the taste has intensified and the effect you get is a feeling of great comfort.
When the heads of the trichomes have turned amber you can be sure the effect and taste are both of the highest quality and provides a specific high or stoned feeling, that all depends on having an Indica or Sativa strain.
After the " amber " stage the buds will lose quality because the degradation process begins like most plants in spring time and the heads of the trichomes become black, the plant is completely done.

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