Top 5 Marijuana Strains That Are Extremely Easy to Grow

Published : 03/9/2016 16:47:00
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Top 5 Marijuana Strains That Are Extremely Easy to Grow

That said, growing them is rarely an easy process, irrespective of whether they are grown indoors or outdoors. What makes the life of a cannabis grower even easier is the strains that are very easy to grow and don’t require much of hardship on the grower’s part. With such seeds even the most novice marijuana growers can get a good practice and fail less number of times. 

Finding high quality cannabis seeds can be an issue as there are very few online and physical seed suppliers that genuinely give you the right breeds. At High Supplies you get different varieties of high quality cannabis seeds and their feminized version. A trusted online seed supplier like this should be chosen while picking the right cannabis seeds. 

Mentioned below are our top 5 picks of marijuana strains that are simple to grow and easy to manage during harvest season.

Blue Berries: This is considered as one of the most colorful and exquisite marijuana hybrids known to mankind. This sativa dominant was first made by sativa chosen from Panama, Thailand, Mexico and Colombia. The taste of the strain is like Blue Berries, which are very fruity in their smell and taste. Even the beginner cannabis growers hardly struggle growing Blue Berries seeds, either indoors or outdoors. But the harvesting time should be carefully chosen. 

Marijuana Seeds Mix: These mix seeds are convenient for indoor growing compared to outdoor as they are the hybrids of different popular cannabis strains. Different breeders mix different seeds to come up with the seeds mix. For example, mixes White Widow, Original Highway Delight, Sensi-Star, Jacky Herrer and K2 to make their unique seeds mix strain. The combination always gives excellent genetics and great varieties. 

Northern Light x Shiva: This all indica hybrid has a very short flowering period making it the perfect choice of small time novice cannabis growers. It promises huge yields and a very high flower to leaf ratio. Being a vigorousindica, Northern Light x Shiva is extremely easy for growing and cloning purposes. It also retains the original odour and taste of typical Northern Light strains during the flowering season. 

Skunk 1: It is a legend and that’s a known fact. It was created from Afghani Indica, Columbian Gold Sativa and Mexican Sativa. It is considered pioneering because it was for the first time that a sativa dominant strain provided with sativa high and nice taste along with heavy indica flowering. This is also used a parent strain for breeding other varieties of Skunk strains. Skunk 1 has always been considered as a milestone to compare other strains. 

White Rhino: This happens to be a great cross between an Indica strain and White Widow. Being very in THC, White Rhino is also an excellent strain for medicinal purposes. This means the cannabis growers in countries that have legalized marijuana growing should grow these in large quantities to make great profits. At the same time, it is the perfect strain for bonging, thanks to its hashy and sweet taste.

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