Top 4 Pure indica cannabis seeds you ought to try

Published : 01/16/2014 14:51:31
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Giving a more mellow effect, indica’s high is often called ‘body buzz’ with very powerful varieties that numb the body of the smoker and put them to sleep. Usually, the indicas have a higher Cannabidiol (CBD) level when compared to THC. If you are looking for the best pure indica cannabis strains, here’s our pick of the top 4 options.  

White Rhino

White Rhino, the strong hybrid cousin of White Widow, is a very powerful indica strain. The total effect is a shorter stockyer plant, which will flower quicker and provide a powerful stoney buzz. With a more hashy effect, this strain gives a kind of harsh taste. Though, this is compromised by the length and strength of the hit. The flowering time for these seeds is in the range of 60 – 65 days. White Rhino is undoubtedly the topmost consideration for an indica. 

Vanilla Kush

With pure indica genetics, Vanilla Kush cannabis gives plentiful yields of dense, large kolas without taking up too much of space for the plants. With the central formation of kola and squat stature, this weed will adapt pretty well to the cultivation methods, producing some astounding yields. This strain smells very strong and has very high levels of THC. This combined with the equally high levels of CBD gives an indica body stone. Vanilla Kush is a great indica strain for an excellent buzz. 

Blue Cheese 

Blue Cheese, an easy-to-grow indica strain that gives a long, deep, body stone, is a brilliant option for smokers looking for strong indica effects. Though this plant is easy to cultivate, it needs special care for maintaining the pH levels; if not, the leaves will start to show stress. The yield may not be as high as in other Cheeses, but there’s a lot to make this plant valuable, not just the good looks, unique taste and significant effects. Blue Cheese is mostly a product Big Buddha Cheese with a hint of Blueberry, providing a touch of fruitiness to the taste. 

Afghan Express

Afghan Express is one powerful strain with the power to change your world into a decadent, lush oasis. The sophisticated taste of this strain lingers even long after you have used it. The hashy taste is combined with a hint of leather and honey to add to the sophistication. The relaxing and pleasant effects that it has can never be over powering.    

While these are the top 4 indica strains for cultivators and growers, there are many more indica varieties that are available in seed banks. is one of the best seed banks for obtaining all kinds of cannabis seeds.

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