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Top 4 Outdoor Cannabis Strains to Choose for a Good Yield this Season

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Top 4 Outdoor Cannabis Strains to Choose for a Good Yield this Season

The process of growing marijuana seeds outside is much simpler compared to growing them indoors but of course it could be an issue with people trying to grown cannabis outdoor in a country or state where it is not legal. 

But in any case, the most important aspect of growing seeds outdoor is choosing the right type of seed, as this is what will decide whatever you ultimately get at the end of harvesting. You can easily purchase high quality outdoor seeds on popular online seed retailers like where you can also take advantage of the slashed prices of the cannabis seeds. Listed below are our top 4 picks of high quality outdoor cannabis seeds. 

Hollands Hope: This is one of the most ideal outdoor plants and this seed is developed from Skunk, and Afghan. The extremely strong hardy plant mostly results in very high yield making commercial viable for commercial breeders across the world. That said, this commercial breeder’s delight has its own limited season and is ideal for colder climates. It is moderate in terms of strength and offers a sweet flavor and this is why users of Hollands Hope simply love smoking the pot.  

Afghan Outdoor Seeds: This cannabis strain is one of the best crossbreeds available to be bought. Afghan seeds are nothing but crossbreed of different types of Kush and these seeds originally came from mountainous regions of Northern Aghanistan. The seed can be safely called as 100% Indica because it happens to be almost that in most cases. The seeds have a huge fat buds and thick leaves and even though it doesn’t have any thick crystals it is capable of offering very rich hash grade smoke, something the pot smokers simply enjoy. The sweet and fruity taste that it offers makes the Afghan outdoor seeds one of the most in demand cannabis seeds. The best part is the breeders can buy them at for as less as €15. 

Durban Poison Seeds: The South African Sativa is a rage amongst breeders who have a knack of unique pots. The F1 hybrid is hugely popular across the globe and its strains are largely appreciated for its ease of breeding. Towards the growing season you see heavy buds, enough of resin, and long leaves. It easily grows in warm climate and even the beginners are recommended to start learning to grow cannabis with this type of seeds. Durban Poison cannabis seeds are as easy to grow even in indoor conditions as they are in outdoor conditions.  

Swazi x Skunk Seeds: It is a beautiful Sativa strain from Swaziland. Its sweet taste, which is similar to hash and that is why it is such a popular strain across the pot smokers. These seeds are also known for excellent flower to leaf proportion with long buds that give amazing high to the smokers who smoke. It has a typical flowering period of nine to eleven weeks.