Top 4 Indoor Cannabis Strains That Are Excellent for Guerilla Growers

Published : 08/12/2015 11:48:58
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Top 4 Indoor Cannabis Strains That Are Excellent for Guerilla Growers

In many countries around the world growing cannabis is still illegal but the guerilla marijuana growers get all their things done indoors, which is certainly not easy. One thing that can certainly help the indoor cannabis growing become more fruitful is choosing the right cannabis seeds. Experts say that in reality all types of cannabis seeds can grow indoors but which ones amongst them actually give you a good yield matters the most. Mentioned below are 4 indoor cannabis strains that guerilla growers find easy to deal with. 

Citral Seeds: This is an excellent out product of a cross between a Pakistani variety and a Skunk. The roots of Citral earlier hailed from the regions of Hindu Kush, which is a small town in Citral. Though they can be grown outdoors, they give excellent results when grown indoors. Citral seeds have a flowering period of around 8 weeks towards the end of which you can expect sweet and hard Citral buds blooming. The plant is famous amongst the breeders for its earthy, smooth and herbal like flavor that offers a one of its kind of smell. On a popular online seeds supplier like the breeders can buy these seeds for just € 25.

Northern Light Seeds: This is a rather common indoor seed easily available worldwide and was also the winner of many Indica strain titles during earlier years of last decade. The huge center cola is the main reason why Northern Light seeds are so popular amongst the guerilla growers. The strain also boasts of offering good power and it tastes reasonably well as well. Because of its widespread awareness and availability, Northern Light seeds are the most commercially viable and lucrative indoor cannabis seeds. 

California Orange Bud Seeds: This is your typical sweet cannabis strain that offers the taste and smell of orange flavor. This popular strain, originally coming from California, was first introduced during 1980’s in Holland and since then they have been growing perfectly for indoor growers. It is one cannabis strain that performs excellently well both in terms of performance and power. During the growing years you see the plants turning towards orange from its typical green color, which is something very unique to this particular strain. On the whole, it is an indoor seed that doesn’t bother you much and is very easy to grow both for the novices and the experts. By buying it from you are sure to not compromise in either quantity or quality. 

Original Haze x Skunk Seeds: As the name suggests it is original and legendary in many ways. The sativa became a rage during 60s and 70s and continued to me a popular strain since then. The growers realized its true potential in terms of cross breeding when it gave wonderful results with reliable plants like skunk1. The buds are slim and the taste is something that would last with you for long. The combination provides a very energetic high, and never fails to impress anybody!

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