Top 4 Cannabis Seeds and Growing Tips for Beginners

Published : 08/20/2015 15:04:45
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Top 4 Cannabis Seeds and Growing Tips for Beginners

 If you want to grow cannabis seeds for medical use, then you’ll have to explore medical symptoms related to cannabis strains.

Some seeds are engineered and adapted to be grown outdoors, while some are best suited for indoor cultivation. Few cannabis seeds are quite hard to grow than normal ones, while the rest can be engineered easily to produce, handle stress, and they’re resistant to pests and insecticides too. The beginners will have to opt for an easy strain to cultivate, while experienced growers can choose just about anything!

Sativa and Indica Seeds

Cannabis seeds belong to 2 categories: sativa and Indica. Breeders usually cross strains to alter the properties or growing nature of the originals. The reasons to choose this cross strain are also different. It could be to get more consistent outcome or strengthen the plant.

The indicas are stockier, smaller, and shorter plants and are usually denser than smaller buds. They flower up faster than Sativa with an average of six to nine weeks of flowering period. The Sativa buds are less compact and their strains grow bigger and it can take up 3 months for them to mature.

Gaining Knowledge

Have you ever spent time on designing your own grow room, buying seeds, fertilizers, lights, or pots on your own? You have to go through a wealth of seed growing details over the web to get to know about marijuana correctly and quickly. 

Knowing the Specific strains of seeds

Being new to this business, it’s imperative for you to focus on specific strains of seeds. Some seeds are tricky to grow, while few can develop at a faster rate. Growing high yielding plants can certainly be worth the efforts.

You might not get satisfactory results during your first attempts, but you can always learn from your mistakes and know what kind of seeds should be ideally chosen. Few could be unsuitable for indoors, while the same can do extremely good job for growing outdoors. Low quality cannabis is the worst choice to grow for newbies.

Ideal Choice for Beginners

Carefully selected seed-strains can flourish well in the hands of beginners. The seeds should be chosen based on the hardiness, stability, vigor, ability to produce potent, large yield, and shorter flowering period. These characteristics represent easy crop and little maintenance. 

There are many types of seeds available for beginners that usually grow easily. The soil, lightning, and few other factors should be considered to ensure a thick growth from the right strains of seeds. 

Growing Your Cannabis Indoors

Growing indoor has become the latest trend; with expanded experimentation and increased interest in plant growth, people have been paying extra attention to cultivate cannabis seeds. If you don’t want to deal with someone you do not trust or know, you can think of growing it in your space. You can watch the tiny little ones growing bigger and can observe the changes on daily basis. 

Take Expert Advice 

Seek advice from experts to decide on the type of seeds to choose; germinate the seeds in moist soil, ensuring that it’s not becoming too wet. Take proper care for the seed to ensure that it sprouts, and supply the plants with little light.

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