Top 3 Regular Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

Published : 01/12/2015 13:33:37
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They are bred from a female and a male parent and can produce female or male plants. It is not possible to predict whether the seed will produce a female or male plant until it is cultivated and starts flowering. Usually, such seeds are ideal for those with an intention to breed marijuana and create seeds since they need both female and male plants for the purpose.  

Regular marijuana seeds have the same genetics as that of their feminized versions at a much lower price and most often does a better task of retaining the best characteristics of individual parent plant. In this article, we have listed out the top 3 regular cannabis seed options for beginners.  

Afghan Seeds 

If you are looking out for a hardy marijuana strain that does not die easily or if you are afraid that your plant is not growing properly because you are just a beginner, then the Afghan regular seed strain is meant for you. This strain flourishes excellently even if you are not aware of the right way to grow cannabis. Over water, under water, under fertilize or over fertilize- this plant will certainly thrive even when you do all these. It offers great resistance to molds, pests and diseases. It’s as easy as just planting it and forgetting about it till the time of harvest. A must-try for all beginners! 

Northern Lights X Shiva Seeds 

Here’s yet another good option of regular cannabis seeds for first-time growers- Northern Lights X Shiva seeds. It’s absolutely easy to cultivate this strain because of its strong features like disease resistance and mold resistance. Owing to her forgiving nature to the mistakes of the grower, it’s an absolute joy to have this indoors or in your greenhouse. Give Northern Lights X Shiva a try and you will soon know enough!  

Papaya Seeds 

This greasy marijuana indica strain is an easy grower since it offers good resistance to diseases and molds, making it a great strain to be considered by first-time growers. It matures much earlier when compared to the other kinds of marijuana strains. Papaya seed is very much ideal for sea of green gardens. The high that one gets from this strong strain is lethargic and almost narcotic high. Further, the fact that it has a quick flowering time makes it perfect for the beginners since they do not have to wait for long.  

Those beginners who do not wish to spend a lot on feminized seeds just because they are likely to commit mistakes can opt for these regular seeds, which come at a much lower price and are also easily cultivated. All these regular seed strains can be ordered at amazing prices from

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