Top 3 Outdoor Medical Cannabis Seeds

Published : 01/28/2015 09:21:07
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There are a good number of marijuana strains that have medicinal properties. These properties include ability to dull pain and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Apart from these main traits, there are many more traits that are very effective at curing various illnesses, pains, and other internal ailments. 

This cannabis can be grown outdoors and the government issues medical cannabis growing cards to growers and breeders who are interested in growing cannabis strictly for medicinal purposes. Here are the top 3 outdoor medical cannabis that can be grown with ease: 

Afghan Cannabis: The afghan cannabis can harvest one of the fastest with just a period of 45 days since planting. It has to be noted that there will be about 400 to 500 grams per square meter for a heavy harvest. A starter in growing weed who feels he/she doesn’t have a green thumb can easily start with this variety. They are hardy plants that do not need a very close watch during growth. They are so hardy, that even without any tips or prior training, one can easily grow them. They flourish under all circumstances, whether you over do the watering, under do the watering, under fertilize or over fertilize; thrive they will. One major advantage of this cannabis is that they are resistant to even pets, apart from being resistant to weather and soil conditions. The Afghan is very favourable for medicinal purposes of various kinds. Generally, they are used to relieve pain and stress. Make sure you get premium quality seeds from reputed dealers like high-supplies. 

Northern Lights: The Northern Lights can give a good yield as well but they need a close watch and need to be given some extra care. It is required that you keep the place well fenced and protected from rodents and pests. You must also make sure that there are no male northern lights plants close by so cross pollination can be avoided. They can be ideally grown well in cool conditions but need a protective mesh during severe summers.  

Purple Power: This ingenious variety of cannabis is derived from the Sputnik #1, Apollo 13, Black Russian (nebu’s), Blackberry and cherry phenol AK-47. This plant takes about 8 to 9 weeks. It is said to have its origins in Pakistan. The yield is basically heavy to very heavy. The potency of the drug in curing the ailment is levelled at ‘medium’ which means a higher dose would be required to cure the ailment effectively. The skill that the farmer would need would be intermediate, since it is comparatively easy to grow. Basically bred by the TGA. It is a breeder’s choice strain that has a beautiful purple coloration and a high yield potential. This purple dope has a smell that is musky, light and has a slight tinge of blackberry. Compared to the other two outdoor cannabis, this one is not as potent; it usually can cure DPD. 

Growing them outdoors can be of great convenience since indoor growing has a number of restrictions and the hassle of preparing flats and lighting can be quite taxing!

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