Top 3 Inexpensive Feminized Seed Strains to Cultivate

Published : 03/5/2015 12:34:10
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Top 3 Inexpensive Feminized Seed Strains to Cultivate

It may seem to be profitable for commercial marijuana growers who know the tips and tricks to make maximum profit out of it, but beginner growers who cultivate marijuana as a hobby, may want to look for inexpensive means to the whole process and hence hope to save money in all possible ways. 

Saving money starts with buying cheap but good quality seeds for cannabis cultivation. If you are a marijuana grower looking for cheap feminized seeds, here are the top 3 options for inexpensive feminized seed strains to cultivate. 

Afghan Outdoor Feminized Seeds

Afghan feminized seeds are good quality and potential seeds with all the indica characteristics that has increased the demand for these seeds. The popularity that this strain has gained today is because of its powerful Afghan characteristics. It is suitable for outdoor cultivation; moreover, it offers great resistance to diseases and molds, which make it ideal to be grown outdoors. Its mold and disease properties also makes it ideal for cultivating in moist and cold weather conditions without being affected. Afghan seeds grow very tall when cultivated outdoors with long resin packed loose fitting buds, which provide them a fluffy look. It costs €18 for a pack of 5 seeds. 

Early Bud Feminized Seeds

This indica-dominant feminized seed strain offers a great yield and has the ability to be cultivated outdoors in short summers. Irrespective of whether it is grown outdoors or indoors, Early Bud is one of the fastest blooming marijuana strains and a great choice for growing in limited space. When cultivated outdoors in cooler weather, the dropping temperatures at the season end can cause the flowers and leaves of this strain to turn into attractive lavender, red and deep purple hues. It has a body-centered, very clean high and excellent fresh taste. Early Bud feminized seeds can be purchased for €20. 

K2 Feminized Seeds

This sativa-indica hybrid seed strain is a very popular and inexpensive option to be considered by marijuana growers. With a short flowering period, K2 feminized seeds is a great option for indoor cultivation in smaller areas. Further, it is very easy to cultivate this strain, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. The smoke that K2 produces is sweet, potent, and acrid with a hint of skunk. Growers can enjoy heavy yields with this strain. A pack of 5 K2 feminized cannabis seeds costs €25. 

Consider any of these feminized seed strains for an inexpensive purchase. is one of the best places to buy these seeds at such low prices. At the same time, you can also get good quality seeds that can produce the best yields under ideal growing conditions.

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