Top 3 Advanced Feminized Seeds in the Market Worth Your Money

Published : 11/25/2014 13:48:56
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Top 3 Advanced Feminized Seeds in the Market Worth Your Money

With the use of insecticides and natural fertilizers, it is possible to produce advanced feminized cannabis seeds. The advanced seeds could be a cross between regular White Widow and popular Critical Mass that turn into fast, vigorous strain, which has multitude of rock-hard buds and heavy side branching.

Salient Features of Advanced Feminized Seeds

Stability is the main reason why many growers opt for advanced feminized seeds. The yield rate is high in case of feminized seeds and you can’t go wrong with Early Misty, Northern Light, and Master Kush. 

If you’re looking for advanced, powerful cannabis seeds, consider ordering online from sources like

Chosen from selective breeders, these advanced seeds are the result of refined processes and techniques. These are produced under strict control in isolated room through organic, and 100% natural growing methods. 

Early Misty Feminized Seeds 

Considered as the sister of regular White Widow seed, Early Misty flowers and matures early. It’s a cross with one of other outdoor seeds. Being single and small stem plant, it’s the best choice for outdoor growing. It has wide leaves, despite growing to low or medium height. It can also withstand pest attacks and resist low temperatures. It has heavy relaxing buzz, definitely a treat for smokers. 

Few Things to Remember

With extra care, some plants can give a coffee taste. It contains nearly 15 to 20 percent THC level and can yield nearly 400g/plant. The best time to harvest this seed is September. Be it experienced or novice growers, it’s easy to cultivate. 

If you’re new to this business, then consider buying Early Misty; if properly handled, it can mature within eight weeks of germination. The coffee aroma is great for relaxing body buzz. It has mostly Indica elements, which is suitable for outdoor growing. 

Variation in THC Levels

Initially, when the product was introduced in the market, it had only 11percent THC levels, but now it has been increased up to 15-20%. Being the sister of White Widow, it matures quite early. It has average strong aroma and taste and can be set up in balcony; it yields better in European climate. It is disease resistant, fast bloomer, best suited for outdoor environment. 

Northern Light Feminized Seeds

Northern Light is a strain suitable for indoor growing. With its exceptional resin production, good yields, compact buds, and high leaf-to-flower ratio, it has become a promising indoor cannabis seed. Though the flavor of smoke is neutral, it does have full-bodied buzz. 

To add stability and freshness, this hybrid is now available as advanced feminized seed. The original Afghani Indica elements are combined brilliantly, leading to fast-flowering strain, homogenous, compact and solid resinous buds. The rich THC trichomes offer sweet fragrant and this thick coating makes it extremely powerful. 

Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Marijuana lovers and coffee shop owners feel that Master Kush is the classic feminized seed ever made. It is so powerful and resistant that it can grow in hydro, soil, as well as greenhouse growing systems. It has mossy, pleasantly earthy smell, which never fails to impress anybody!

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