This Marijuana Strain Grows Mighty Buds

Published : 03/11/2016 17:25:12
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This Marijuana Strain Grows Mighty Buds

Indica content is super high at 85% too. Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989, BIG BUD is the offspring of Afghan and Skunk and so you got it right regarding the awesome power.  A commercial treat, the marijuana will take you places both for dreaming growers as well as those recreationists interested in inspirational highs. Besides, the marijuana strain is not at all difficult to grow though flowering does not come so early yet the yield being massive is certainly worth waiting for.

A marijuana strain that survived!

Just like witches were hunted down in the dark chapters of history, marijuana remained on the hit list for several decades with severe prejudices as if it were the greatest devil. Netherlands was responsible for saving several of the species so deeply loved by users through the world. Researched in America and saved in Netherlands sums up the BIG BUD story. Many varieties of marijuana that developed after painstaking research and genetic manipulation simply perished during those dark days but hope remains for their revival. The liberal marijuana laws nowadays is the result of acceptance of medical uses and the conclusion that marijuana use is not harmful, addictive or criminal as earlier believed.

Medically beneficial too

In general, all the marijuana strains with uplifting highs get rid of depression and replace it with euphoria that may not last very long either. Pain relief is common too among the species. Use it as an anxiolytic too. A cleanser of emotions and feelings, clarity descends upon the mind with its appropriate use. An aid to sleep is one more of the very useful properties.

What kind of high?

This strain, in spite of the towering indica, does not induce a numbing effect that can be quite a discouragement.  Shall we call it a middle path that neither flattens you out nor incites action?  Rather you would experience a burst of energy with the soft smoke.  You would be charmed by the aroma of fruit, somewhat like the grape flavour. Besides, the high lasts rather long, definitely beyond a couple of hours and it is a pleasant memory afterwards.

Growing the strain?

The big buds may need to be supported with little poles so that the branch does not collapse! The plant is not very tall and grows to a height of 18 inches. An indoor growing area would be best where you have conditions under control.  Yet the yield would be on the higher side at perhaps 20 ounces per square meter. Flowering time is reached in 9 weeks, harvested in October and the growing difficulty level is classified as easy. Grown outdoors, the plant grows much taller and yields more too. In every sense, the strain is a winner all the way.

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