Things You Need to Know About Amsterdam Indica XTRM

Published : 01/21/2016 14:45:56
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Things You Need to Know About Amsterdam Indica XTRM

The Amsterdam Indica XTRM is one among those very pure Indica marijuana strains. This plant has originated from the well-known family of the Afghan and the Northern Lights. These two are very powerful parentages known for their strength and potency. It has medium to high level of THC with adequate CBD and CBN counts. These plants are loaded with THC crystals.

As it comes from the Afghan plant strain, it is comparatively easier to cultivate. Actually, unlike other marijuana strains that are a little difficult to grow Amsterdam Indica can be planted easily. Its small stature makes it perfect for growing indoors. As suggested by its name it gives a clue to its background, this Marijuana plant is a real Indica from Amsterdam. Its parents are crossed with strong indicas like the Super Nova and White Widow XTRM. The Amsterdam Indica is a one hundred percent Indica strain. This reason alone gives the marijuana seeds good strength and brings about its resistance towards plant diseases.

The Amsterdam Indica XTRM can give the produces four hundred and fifty grams per square meter. All the more, one can yield it within eight to nine weeks if it’s cultivated indoors or in September if it’s grown outdoors. Since Afghan is one among the strains that is used to grow Amsterdam Indica XTRM, this plant can also be very easily be grown by amateur growers. Its short height ensures it as a good strain to be managed in an indoor growing situation.  This plant has its buds surrounded with white hair and has a rather fruity smell and a distinctive lemony fragrance. It also has a touch of hashy tinged kind of smell while growing them so is prepared for a head high feeling and ensures that one has the TV switched on as well as some eateries close by. Amsterdam Indica is definitely not for first timers since it has the power to completely knock you out. This is because of the presence of a high count of THC and the notable levels of CBD and CBN.

The strains THC count may reach up to fifteen to twenty percent while the CBN and CBD levels can range between .36 to .39 percent. The person who uses it would feel sleepy and relaxed, which makes it perfect for consumption in the night time. This is the reason; practitioners recommend this plant strain to people who undergo stress, anxiety and insomnia. It’s not rare to have twenty inches tall Indica plant strain, which makes it very shocking when the time to harvest comes and this small plant gives a bountiful amount of buds. This plant also yields sticky flowers that have white hair and are grouped in huge colas. It grows very nicely on soil and hydro alike and hence becomes a very good choice for the inexperienced growers.

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